We live in a time where we don’t think of our body and health due to busy life, stress , work pressures , eating habits , change in lifestyle can cause great problems in feature! People find it difficult to maintain their Heath and fitness . At that time YOGA become the only remedy to stay fit and healthy.

Yoga is an ancient science or system which helps in the development of the human body and mind. It is a priceless gift or legacy from Rich cultural heritage of our country to all Mankind.

13 Reasons why yoga is beneficial to us !

1. Regular practice of yogasanas and pranayama helps in enhancing Concentration and improves the respiratory, circilatory and nervous systems .

2. Helps to overcome negative enegeries and achieve serenity and bliss

3. Practice of yoga helps provide exercise to improve external and internal organs .

4 . Purges all kind of toxins and waste from the body .

5 . Helps improve respiration and thus intake of oxygen in the blood . Purification of blood increases stamina and improve efficiency. As a result one can work diligently for long hours .

6. Helps improve thought process to attain peace of mind and tranquility.

7. Helps improve flexibility of the body , strengthen the spine allowing to maintain proper body postures !

8. Helps develop a sense of well being and resist disease as a result the body and mind will become healthy.

9. Helps an individual attain his/ her life ulimateu goal in life through self confoconfiand discipline.

10. Helps to increase the life span of the practitioner.

This post is part of the blog train for World Yoga Day called “On track to good health“. I would like to introduce my fellow blogger and host sabeeka  to takeover the train and share what health means to her.
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Health benefits of yoga
This post is also a part of “Yoga Day Blogtrain”
Here we 11 bloggers are sharing our views about yoga in different ways. The main intention is to make people more aware about the benefits of YOGA.
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    Very informative and insightful for sure

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    Wonderfully written.. I am surely going to try yoga now❤

  3. I too am a strong believer in Yoga and this is an amazing post to motivate anyone who is deciding on steps towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle

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