Covid 19 killing employments in India. Youth forced to wait until some opportunity comes. It becomes difficult to manage lives without proper employment. People Depending on daily wages find it difficult to manage. 

It has always been a difficult task to get opportunities for employment in India. People with professional degrees may get opportunities, but with increase in competition, those with only bachelor’s degree find it difficult to get a job. This situation changes into exploitation immediately. Under paid, free internships, etc are some means through which people face exploitation.
It was always difficult to get employment and covid 19 crisis gave it a worst turn. People who were already employed had to leave their jobs. Contraction in Economy made companies to practice downsizing. This resulted in taking away the jobs from less experienced, less trained, etc. Things started getting worse when graduates and final year students started job hunting. The industries that are already under downsizing have no opportunities for fresher’s. Everyone is looking for an employee with experience for low remuneration, this leads to employee exploitation.
There are number of people who left their jobs out of fear. However, some practice work from home but the productivity is not same. Reports says that around 4 million people lost their jobs during corona crisis. People were forced to shift their business and jobs. In the getting of getting food for family, doing anything that was possible during that particular time was the only option. Along with employees, owners and investors also faced severe problems due to pandemic.
According to a report, construction and agriculture sector witnessed major job losses during pandemic. Report stated that youth, generally between 18 to 25 will face major problems because of this pandemic. It was seen that, jobs were difficult to find before pandemic too. But pandemic created worse situations for all. Before pandemic people were engaged in some or other activities for their livelihood. Some were self-employed, some were under employed but some how managed to live on their own. Corona virus made people migrate from the places they worked and lived. People started migrating out of fear by leaving their jobs. Migrating towards home towns for shelters took place very quickly. Some migrated out of fear, whereas some because they didn’t had enough money to manage their lives under lockdown.
Considering some relaxations in lockdown due to economy, people started coming back to cities for jobs. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities or fewer opportunities. Labourers and daily wage earners are affected the most. Along with salaried earners, people depending on daily wages are finding it difficult to manage after losing a job.
Ratio gets worse when it comes to women unemployment. Some females were already deprived of opportunities due to family and societal limitations. Whether urban or rural, the ratio was always uneven. Women empowerment got affected due to this crisis.
Expectations from central govt increases during such situations. It is expected that investments in fields that create jobs opportunities should be made. Central govt and State govt may equally participate and work harder for eradicating the unemployment issues. Expecting the situations to get better is what we can do for now. Economic development directly and indirectly depend on reduction of unemployment.


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