Year 2020, but still it is difficult to get justice for crimes against women. 73 years of independence but no reduction in crimes against women. Violence , social abuse, domestic abuse, etc. have become part and parcel of a girl’s life. Waking up to some bad news has become common. Everyday some new violence comes up, people cry, protest, do candle marches and then forgets. Justice never gets served to the one who deserves it. Mainstream media avoids coverage of such heinous crimes because of TRPs and political agendas. We humans fail daily, we kill humanity everyday. Someday by committing crime against animals or someday by torturing our fellow humans.
We as Indians should understand the importance of Gender Equality in a society. People should understand that committing crimes against females will never make man powerful . Crimes against women take place in many ways. Common forms of violence against women in India include acts such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, murder. Most typically, these acts are committed by men as a result of the long-standing gender inequalities present in the country. Sometimes the accused don’t even consider this violence as crimes. Problems with people who possess such mentality lies in their upbringing, education and last but not least, society.
Rapes, dowry murders, honor killing, murder because of no male child, female infanticide, female foeticide, eve teasing, digital abuse, threats and black mailings, etc. are some crimes that make to headlines daily. But have we ever thought when will this get finished, NO. Apart from the marches, protests and social media hype for a few days, have we ever thought about the situation of the victim and her family, Yes, maybe for a while. For a few days, we may talk about the incident, we feel scared, we may think and feel bad for the victims family. But, how long does it matter if justice doesn’t get served.
People start blaming girls and their upbringing, their culture, their education, their friends circle, etc. These crimes mainly take place in rural areas where basic mentality plays the main role. Urban areas are not deprived too, but considering the ratio, rural places are more affected. Such things remain unheard when no complaints are registered. Rural areas may show an increase in crimes but the ‘No Complaint’ factor keeps it unnoticed.
Some Men think that women should not consider superior or equal to them, women have no right to live independently, work and earn, make their lives better and are only here to help males in their lives, handle household chores, kids and be their House wives and typical daughter in laws for their parents. Problem of gender inequality starts at the very place when a girl is forced to leave studies because she needs to start getting involved in household work.

But instead of crying over,why don’t we train ourselves to fight back. To regret is awful in such situation. So why don’t we choose the option of learning, understanding the difference, understanding the right to live, right to freedom and independence and fight agaisnt wrong. Every human living here is part of the society. If we start educating ourselves and people around us, atleast our family, may be a few years down the line we can see a more safer place than now. To raise your voice against wrong is something you can do at first place, if you have the courage to stand against it and raise your voice, justice will make its way. Self defense and basic law regarding violence helps alot. Every women should know basic self defense and a few articles that help them fight on their own. No female, no soul deserves to live like victim and spend their lives in a closet. If we won’t change than who will?
It’s hightime to make a move and fight against wrong. To break the cage and fly in the sky beyond limits. 


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