How to overcome heartbreak? 

 It is never easy to overcome heartbreak, be it from a relationship breakup or failure in a career or break up with a best friend or someone close to your heart leaving you. No sources and availability of any information can help you overcome heartbreak, quickly and absolutely. 

Things do get back to normal but it takes time. Time is the only cure to any and every problem. But until then, the heart suffers and the pain becomes unbearable sometimes. Medicins work for the wounds that are visible. But when the problem lies in the heart, it becomes extremely difficult to overcome easily. 

  Many instances take place where a person overcomes heartbreak in a couple of weeks or a month. But sometimes, even after years, the pain feels the same. 

   Life becomes miserable and living life seems meaningless. Heartbreaks make a person vulnerable and mentally unstable. Some can overcome heartbreak easily but for some, heartbreaks are like nightmares. Some become more strong after a heartbreak, but life gets tough and worse for some.

how to overcome heartbreak? 

    Almost everyone faces a heartbreak that breaks them into pieces once in their lives. Whether in a relationship, or career or be it at any given point. But to keep moving on is the only simple to overcome heartbreak, in life. Leaving everything on time and allowing yourself to go with the flow can bring significant development in life and can give you the strength required to overcome heartbreak. 

    Apart from this, many times people search for different ways that can help them overcome heartbreaks. Factually, there are no ways that can help you. But few changes in lifestyle and daily routine can ease your pain to some extent. It gives you courage and helps you find a way out. If you are trying to mend your broken pieces together and past your worst life experience, 

Here are 5 changes that help you overcome heartbreak, 

  • Acceptance

Accepting what happened and agreeing with the fact that you can not make it right or reverse is the first thing you can do while trying to overcome heartbreak. Way to happy heart begins with acceptance. 

Accepting the facts and truths, accepting that things are how they look and is nearly impossible to change. Heartbreak hurts until you accept the situation. After that, you gain your consciousness and realize the situation.

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Acceptance makes tough times easier. It shows a ray of hope and helps to find a way out. When you start accepting the situation, life seems easier. Mental burden releases as soon as you acknowledge the circumstances. Instead of behaving helplessly, figuring out the situation positively can make you stronger and helps you live at peace. 


After acceptance, an important step to live around distractions. Distractions keep the mind and heart away from triggers that are all capable of bringing you back to heartbreak. Although distractions are normally acknowledged as negative while trying to overcome heartbreak, distractions work like bliss.

 When you find yourself heartbroken, vulnerable, and fooled with feelings, you need something that keeps your mind away from the topic. Do things that seem unnecessary and like reading things out loud or maybe labeling everything in your room. Painting or cleaning your room. 

Everything you do to distract yourself has its own psychological effect on your brain and is significant in order to keep your mind away from things that trigger your breakdown. To overcome heartbreak is nothing like a cakewalk, nor is it a two days task. It takes time and requires motive. Distracting yourself every time, whenever a slight thought regarding your heartbreak crosses your mind pushes you towards mental peace. Gradually, your brain registers the change and makes it a habit. 

  • Positive approach

Accepting the situation and figuring out ways to come back stronger can make it much easier for anyone to overcome heartbreak. While trying to overcome heartbreak, one should always remember that After every dark night, there is a  bright day that brings all new opportunities to life. If the heartbreak is through a failed relation, remember no love is better than self-love, if it is due to a career, remember big things take time. 

There is never a full stop to life till the heart stops beating. A positive approach towards life helps you cure and heal much faster than any other remedy you are looking forward to taking. Instead of forcing yourself to accept, make yourself understand positively. Believe in fate and go with the flow. Destiny will lead you to a better road altogether. 

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  • Exploring new things

While on the way towards betterment, finding yourself, healing yourself, and trying to overcome heartbreak, exploring new things can bring you peace. Exploring new aspects of life, looking at life from a different perspective, spending some time in solitude trying to figure the true definition of life, or maybe spending time doing things you love. 

Anything from the former statement can mean exploring new things and can help you overcome heartbreak by keeping your mind engaged and distracted, both at the same time. Learning something new or may b focusing on developing your own personality is also part of exploring list while your heart is trying to absorb all the weird and miserable feelings. 

5 changes that help you overcome heartbreaks

  • Emotional strength 

Emotional strength is important. Cry as much as you want but don’t let people know your weak spots. In no time you can be mocked because of that. Share your feelings with only those who are close to your heart. If you think you’ve lost trust from everyone around you, it is okay. Note down things. 

Take care of yourself and spend time to pamper yourself. Dedicate a couple of minutes to encounter your emotional and nervous breakdown, so that you can control yourself when needed. Many times, you will face trigger points out in public. It is pretty important to find the remote control of your heart and emotions and prevent breakdown, especially at such difficult times. 

And the most important take away,  know your worth. Nothing can define your value, potential, feelings, or the pain of heartbreak. Know your worth and understand that you deserve better than what you are going through. Just by following these few changes in your life, after a heartbreak, you can try to bring life back on track, with a strong and better you. 


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