Anger issues are quite literally faced by almost everyone. Many of us want to overcome anger issues but end up facing taunts like ‘learn to control your anger or it will harm you every now and then’, every time in our daily life. Is anger really bad for health? Yes, it is. Being short-tempered is a disadvantage? Yes, it is. Is it really important to learn how to combat anger issues and to control the temper? Yes, it is. Short-tempered nature can make you distant as nobody would prefer to share a room with someone who has got severe anger issues.

 Not just personal life but anger issues can affect professional life equally. Anyone can take advantage of your nature and can pull you back. Anyone can make use of your anger issues against you to portray you as a negative person. It is important to control such anger issues and change the way you portray your emotion. Not just for the world but for inner peace too. If you learn to control your anger, you tend to live peacefully from inside.  If you have already tried to control your anger issues but failed, 

Here are tips that help you overcome your anger issues, 

1. Listen and Understand

Whenever you are in between of some conversation and you feel like it’s wrong, don’t interrupt immediately. Don’t let your anger shadow your overall personality. Listen carefully, understand every word spoken, and then react. React calmly, without raising your voice. Don’t let your tongue take the command. Make the conversation as healthy as possible. Argue without making yourself look rude. Trying this tactic may not prove successful immediately in the beginning but can help you change your anger issues gradually. 

2. Learn to ‘Let go’

If you think what is happening is not something you want or you would do, instead of fighting just let go. Don’t show off your aggression through your words or actions. Always remember words spoken are never returned. You never know what loss your words can do when expressed in anger. Learn to listen,  understand, and let go wherever necessary. That’s important while learning how to overcome anger issues. Not everyone will agree with you nor it is necessary to agree with other’s opinions. Respect other’s opinions and instead of fighting or getting yourself involved in a heated argument, learn to let go. 

3. Speak in mind first

Any time when you feel angry and are about to splutter some harsh words, speak in mind first. Listen to your own words expressed in your mind. Such words when spoken can create a huge mess. Anger issues start to solve when you think with your brain and not absolute emotions. Don’t let your heart handle the rage, let the brain involve itself in some mind games. Make sure you listen to your words carefully in your mind before speaking in anger.

4. Breathe

Take deep breathes as it helps in controlling anger. Deep breathes can reduce anger immediately and can also give you time to think about the situation. Maybe the situation is not as worse as you think but your anger can worsen the circumstances. When you think you can take a step back and avoid a heated argument, take deep breathes. It will increase your mental stability and will help you think like a sane person. 

5. Meditate

Unlike other activities, you will have to perform meditation not when you are angry but when you want to feel relaxed. Meditation can calm your mind down and slow down the storm of emotions running within you. Meditation can bring peace of mind and can also help you stay fit physically. It is of utmost importance to include meditation in your routine when you learn to overcome anger issues. It can give you the strength to absorb and adapt to situations easily. You can act wisely and with a calm mind when required. 


You cannot overcome your anger issues immediately. But it is not impossible too. By making a few changes in the way you live, you can definitely overcome anger issues. Anger issues can cause harm to you and to your near and dear ones. It is much important to overcome such anger issues and prevent yourself from growing short-tempered. 


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