Online learning evolved as covid intervened lives along with many unprecedented incidents that changed the world and lifestyles. Online learning existed back in those days, but due to its limitations, it was not an active part of the routine. Though covid gave the industry a boost and it happens to be the most successful working industry now. Almost every institution including academics, non-academics, vocational, bachelors, masters, or certificate programs, took their courses online. Apart from its few limitations, online learning is deemed to be the most convenient and comfortable type of learning technique. 

       Well, many are still not convinced about the online learning feature but, with the pace of the world moving ahead, people’s faith in “go with the flow” stays firm. 

       Online learning is quite beneficial and has many advantages. It is a great opportunity for people who wish to learn, only from their desired university without having to move out of the city or missing out on jobs. If worked on its limitations, Online learning also brings in many opportunities to learn and ace vocational courses. It provides a number of platforms to enhance and upskill knowledge of a particular field, give tests, and earn certificates.

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      Online learning in itself is like a blessing in disguise for people who had to leave their studies due to some reasons. However,  it is not always how it looks like. Every coin has two sides and online learning has its own limitations too. To narrow down and work on the positive side of online learning, it is quite essential to know the shortcomings of online learning, 

Here is a compiled list that states 6 limitations of learning online that you should be aware of. 

6 Limitations of learning online you need to be aware of

  • No personal attention 

One of the major limitations of learning online is its lack of personal attention. Even if it is one-to-one coaching, the personal touch feels missing. While attending lectures offline, in person, even if one is sleeping and not paying absolute attention, the subconscious grasps the taught syllabus and stores it in mind. But when it comes to online learning, the tutor is far away and is unable to figure out whether the learner is attentive or not. 

  • Lacks effective understanding  

With no personal communication, in-depth lectures seem worthless sometimes. No classroom, no students seating around, and no teacher explaining the subject can make it difficult for the brain to adapt and understand. Well, sometimes, one-to-one teaching options are available and to some extent, it works too. But in order to attain absolute understanding from the assignment, online learning can make it difficult.

  • Lack of interaction

Fellow students in the classroom and discussions happening during the lecture can make it fun and easy to learn. It helps learners evolve soft skills, communication, and personality development. It enables a learner and student to adapt to team spirit and pushes out of the comfort zone. However, when everything happens virtually, a student misses out on the essentials of these skills. Specifically, these limitations don’t just cease all-around progress for a learner but also demotivate a learner resulting in finishing the course just for the certificate’s sake. 

6 Limitations of learning online you need to be aware of

  • Time-consuming

Normally, offline learnings are time-consuming too. But when it comes to online learning, these limitations are specific and inevitable. When it is dependent on the student to join or not, and what time to connect and resume the studies, chances of procrastination increase. Students tend to give excuses and seek a way out wherein, the lecture gets canceled or postponed. But when the learner is motivated and looks forward to upskilling the knowledge, such limitations are not a sort of hindrance. However, it is quite necessary to look after such limitations and enroll in courses that are short, quick, crisp and can conclude before fun turns into boredom. 

  • Indiscipline 

Limitations of online learning begin with indiscipline. Indiscipline, as there is no one to supervise and keep an eye on. Students and learners can keep the lectures on and enjoy the chills or scroll down their phones. No punctuality, no motivation because the student knows even if something gets missed, it is available through recorded lectures. 

Apart from that, online learning lacks dedication because of no motivation. Sometimes, attending a lecture seems a big deal so a learner feels pride in just being part of th lecture, with or without paying attention to what is taught. 

It is easy to successfully finish the course sometimes, as it is based on the duration of the video watched. But, learnings still remain zero. Certificates are allotted based on questions of the video and for which answers are available on google. Only if the learner is really interested in learning the course and takeaways from that, the course is completed with discipline. Apart from that, many students do this just for certificate sake. 

  • Distractions 

Distractions are big limitations while learning online. Not just online lectures and learning, distractions are common in every aspect. It is quite important to address these distractions and look out for solutions so that the course gets completed easily. Out of the big limitations of learning online, talking about distractions, it happens mainly because of the non-classroom environment. To learn something, it is crucial to study in a motivating and focused environment. 

It is possible to concentrate on lectures while in the classroom, but personal bedrooms, living rooms, or for that purpose, from wherever attending a lecture becomes possible, does not contribute to a good, learning environment. House activities, phone calls, etc. are some common distractions that need to be taken care of when enrolling in an online learning course. 

Such limitations of online learning are quite common and can be sorted out easily. For that, it is vital to figure out the limitations that a person as the learner will face. Before enrolling for a course, it is better to make a list of pros, cons, and takeaways from the course for better understanding. However, at the end, when a learner is motivated and seeks enhancement, no boundaries are real and the sky is the limit.


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