Meet India’s youngest Influencer Marketer, PR in F & B Krina Gindra with a Never Give up Attitude who is a blogger as well.

Krina Gindra is a blogger, student, PR in F & B and in all probability, India’s youngest Influencer Marketer in economic sector who has been an insight for young generation by only 18 years of age. She is an influential and an ambitious youngster who is currently working in the influencing marketing segment and also in public relation division with a never give up attitude. With a dream of creating the identity, she likes to work in management areas. Now a day, most of the teenagers are eventful in hanging around with friends by a way of living a happy-go-lucky life, but she had made up her mind to be a different individual in her age. A multi tasking girl managing her studies, blogging, PR and influencing marketing make her different.