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   Air pollution is always seen as a big problem in India. Recently, Mumbai has fallen prey to this problem.

  Delhi is known for its polluted air and works hard to maintain breathable air in the environment. CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, implemented many policies to eradicate or at least lessen the spread of air pollution. Somewhere, the city succeeded too.  Since new years eve, Mumbai, the financial capital of India is noticing the worst Air quality across the city. It seems like fog but is just the bad quality smog that makes the city feel suffocated. The air quality of the city is beyond bad and keeps on turning worse. 

    Amidst the corona pandemic, the country is already dealing with another epidemic, the Bird flu. Maharashtra is amongst the state where alerts are given regarding the flu. In between these abnormalities, a hike in air pollution made its way. CM announced Red Alert in the city because of air pollution.

   According to the weather scientists and research department, because of the pollution, the temperature inside the city has increased. And instead of winter’s cold weather, it is warm and hot at around 34’ degrees in the day time. Pollution started increasing from new years eve. And it’s been around 12 days, but hasn’t reduced even a bit. Instead, the level of pollution in the air has increased leaving the pollution level of Delhi behind. 

    Usage of vehicles was restricted during the lockdown and hence the air quality level was seen maintained. Later, with the relaxations in lockdown, people were allowed to use vehicles and hence the emission of harmful gases started. This sudden change in pollution level puts the city and authorities in stress. There are many reasons for this hike.

    Commutation for men in local trains is not allowed unless the pass availability or essential services. This forces people to travel via roadways and burns fuel. Public transport like busses are seen fully loaded and social distancing is highly neglected. People who care about social distancing and convenience choose a private mode of transport.

The majority of the chunk chooses the private way to commute. Hence, highways and roads experience heavy traffic across the city. Service roads, highways, link roads, and market roads and every road made for transport notice heavy jams. The emission through these vehicles is understood as the biggest reason for increasing air pollution. 

air pollution quality mumbai- bandra

     Except for the part of Bandra, BKC or commercial area, no other part in Mumbai have safe air to breathe. Somewhere it shows unhealthy for sensitive people and somewhere unhealthy for everyone. The worst quality of air is marked near Bandra, specifically, in Worli. It shows Hazardous quality. 

air pollution quality mumbai- worli

   Its high time for the CM of Maharashtra to implement rules to bring down the level of pollution control. Celebrities have come forward and expressed their concerns regarding the increase in air pollution through tweets. 

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     If the authority fails to bring down the pollution in control, people in the city will start getting affected by it physically. There are many serious health effects. It is important to keep yourself alert and updated about the situation and start taking precautionary measures. 

  • Drink water-stay hydrated

Drinking water regularly will keep your body hydrated and make sure you are not affected by the pollution and high temperature. 

  • Wash your face regularly.

Since it is air pollution, the pollutants are free in the air. It sticks on your body and face. These pollutants are harmful and cause rashes, itching, patches, or tan skin. It is better to wash your face regularly to get rid of such impurities and stay healthy.

  • Use mask

Masks are already advised to use because of the covid pandemic. Nevertheless, it is very useful for air pollution too. It protects you from breathing in polluted air and prevents taking in harmful components of air. 

  • Have a walk early morning

Since there are no vehicles commuting during the early hours of the day, air quality is less affected. Try taking in some good and fresh air in the early morning so that your body is not completely inhaling polluted air. 

     Mumbai city is acknowledged as strong and a fighter. And yet it is the time to prove it again. Mumbai and Mumbaikar’s fight strongly against every problem and will overcome this too. By assuring that on the individual level you are not contributing to this air pollution, it will become easy to lessen it on a big level. 

   Here is a link through which you can check the air quality of Mumbai and its localities. 


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