Packing smartly is the tr one of the most important and crucial elements of travelling. If you do not pack smartly, your trip might not be a pleasant one. Especially when it comes to girls/women, they are more worried with this. For them, packing is indeed an art since it requires putting in least number of clothes, yet not run short of it.

luggage full and ready to travel

Below are some tips on backpacking for women:

  1. Packing minimum stuff: Lay all clothes, accessories, and essentials out for review. And now comes the hardest part: Put half back in your closet. Expert packers say to pack in outfits—two tops for every bottom, neutrals that mix and match, and only two or three pairs of shoes.
  2. Toiletries: Start by protecting them from exploding in your bag by cutting a small square of plastic wrap, unscrewing the cap, and placing it over the bottle opening before screwing back on the lid. If you’re using reusable plastic bottles for your favorite products, make sure to only fill them three-quarters full since the cargo area is not pressurized and liquids expand in-flight.
  3. Use multi-purpose products: Look for combination products (sunscreen + foundation + moisturizer all in one).
  4. The cords: If you have several wires, chargers, or headphones, try putting them in an old sunglasses case to keep you organized.

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