Today fitness is not only about keeping ourselves fit but now it has also become a lifestyle for many people. There’s a quote which says, ‘If today your Health is well, then you have achieved the biggest achievement in your life’. I also agree with the quote health and fitness are most important fuel to human body and maintaing that will give endless happiness.

Many of us today are health conscious like some wants to know how much calories they eat or burn in a day, how much steps, miles they walk in a day. Recording owns fitness not only helps you to know you about your daily body stats but it also improves your fitness level forcing you to work hard on the next day.

So in this order BOLTT  just revealed its Fitness Band called BOLTT FITNESS BAND  which is a Digital Smart Band made of a Silicone-Rubber!

Here is a detailed review which might help other users


 1.Skin friendly,

2. Soft material

3. Ease of use,

4. Accuracy,

5. All basic functions: Reminders like water, meal logged, incoming call.

6. Stop watch,

7. Heart rate monitor.

8.Design: Nice.

9. Lightweight: Yes,

10. Functionality: Good,

11. Connectivity: Good

12. Data accuracy: 98%

Although our mobile phones also have some of the features of recording fitness level but we can’t carry our mobile phones to every where for example, while running it’s very hard to carry mobile phones along and while doing gym also.  So, that’s why this amazing watch is designed so that you can workout easily without any hustle. Given below pictures will help you know completely about the features of the watch.

If I consider the advantages of the band, well, there are many. It is comfortable, classy, detects my moves, tracks my sleep, knows my heart rate, and counts my calories. Talking about the disadvantages, there is only one I can as of now. I can not wear it when I am taking shower.

Never thought sleep has so much to do with the lifestyle. But the band data when enters in the app, tells me much I would want to know. I never imagined the poor sleep I have been taking up till now. Good product.

CONCLUSION –   I am particularly liking the diagnostics and the vital section of the app. The band is working perfectly

An economical product with good performance. Really Impressive. 

You can find BOLTT products (website) click here  as well On Amazon too ! 

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