Body shaming and Big Boss walks “hand in hand” with new controversies every season. With the new season, the level of hitting the lows increased. It is observed that with every season, Big boss brings in a lot to talk and gossip about. With the least good things about the show, it brings in controversies and contradictory talks more. It is a ritual that is followed by contestants of every season. Body shaming and insults during fights have become normal. Fans enjoy watching this because of the typical fights between the contestants. According to the rules of the big boss house, physical abuse is not allowed.  Nevertheless, the show has also experienced contestants fighting physically in the previous seasons. However, no physical abuse is witnessed this season. But verbal abuse compensates the hate and anger through aggressiveness. 

   This list carries many examples of body shaming from various seasons. In these fights, physical appearance is targeted and used in verbal arguments and fights. Contestants fight inside and this boosts the TRPs but the way it is conveyed and portrayed amongst viewers is negative. Viewers follow big boss mostly for their favorite celebrities and later on find themselves engaged and in the loop with the story. Many stars from television are usually found taking their places in the big boss’s house apart from that, many new artists win fan’s hearts and make their identities here.  What matters the most is, how is body shaming acceptable? In a world where people are educating themselves for acceptance. In a world where people are striving for acceptance, acceptance of changes that make them happy.  Acceptance in the way we are, how is body shaming normal.

Celebs undergo surgery as and when they want or they feel. It is a decision they make for themselves, it is normal and accepted by them, by their loved ones, then how can someone else bring such things up in a fight.   There are many cases where such incidences are recorded. Fellow contestant body-shaming, slut-shaming, age shaming, or making fun of the physical appearance of another fellow contestant. 

  In the current season and a recent episode, Rakhi Sawant and her nose were dragged into the fight by well known and loved stars of television. Rakhi Sawant who underwent surgeries on her nose had to face injuries inside the big boss house by a fellow contestant. She was mocked and made fun of. Later on, when it was the weekend ka war, Salman khan himself justified rakhi’s pain and countered the doers. The fight didn’t stop here. Rakhi was mocked by insulting words regarding her nose and was insulted very negatively. 

   Another incident of the same season where Arshi khan was body-shamed because of her weight by fellow contestants was noticed. Arshi khan was seen in big boss 11 earlier. Now, in the big boss 14, she re-entered the house as a challenger. She was known for her touch competency then and as she was a strong contestant, she stood against all the odds ad fought till the end. Now, in this season she came across comments targeting her weight by fellow contestants. She ain’t getting weak anyway as she is already a tough contestant. But it is weird how people who are followed by lakhs of others end up insulting someone and works disrespectfully. 

    Body shaming is something noticed in almost every season. Many contestants from different seasons stand against such things and fight such slams. For instance, Shilpa shined from season 11, a very renowned personality was body-shamed, Shahnaz gill, season 13, 2nd runner up faced insults regarding body shaming. Nevertheless, everyone is well aware of how beautiful these personalities are inside out. 

       Someone targeted for lip surgeries, someone for age, and someone fr using makeup.  This big boss house has experienced every type of insult and shaming amongst the contestants. Siddharth Shukla winner of season 13, was targeted for his age in fights several times. Mahira Sharma from season 13 was targeted for her lips. Puneesh Sharma from season 11  was targeted too by fellow contestants. Such fights work for controversies and TRP’s and are also remembered by viewers. But solemnly, body shaming is not normal and shouldn’t be used as a point to the target.  The show is definitely a great hit and drags viewers’ attention as soon as it hit the screen.  No wonder it is the most viewed show and is waited eagerly every year.


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