Recently, I stumbled to Lakme Fashion Week 2017 and, fortunately, got a chance to behold the glittery beauty of trousseau-oriented range which just stitched in the memory lane for an enduring reminiscence. The collection, in context, themed as the Madagascar collection was inspired by the Himalayan Orchard Pure. Masaba Gupta, the designer behind the collection, has managed to infuse all the elemental beauties found in the Himalayan ranges as it is inspired by the Himalayan Orchard Pure – Natural flavored without preservatives, mineral water. Masaba Gupta is rustically sophisticated in exploring the ravishing, soothing yet magnificent beauty of the Himalayan valleys which underneath possesses ubiquitous yet rarely found the texture of the substance.

The collections are, certainly, poised to enhance the bridal beauty appearance of a girl as it has been created keeping in context the sub-continent’s weddings. Anyone can found himself/herself engrossed in glossing over the designs viz., the nuanced Sakalava tribe face paintings accompanying the bountiful orchard gardens pretexting as a canvas to imbibe upon.

It espouses a fresh and bold take on traditional clothing of women; effectively embracing the liberties that we by virtue of liberal society we enjoy, it encapsulates a solemn statement, it is regardful of tradition, yet it is progressive.

Artistically, it is themed on the abstract foliage and floral buds – upon it linear grass prints in fluid strokes tantalizes even the sloth state of mind. The line does not only sends the impression of progressive Indian wear but concurrently ensures that it carries the contemporary woman and her thought-process; amply enshrining flowy Anarkali with clouded silk dresses, caped backs, and corsets,  with knots flowing through seams.

Here, I realized the pure-sanctity, timelessness and never-ending streams of glistening Himalayan River. Himalayan streams and what transpired from them is encompassing vast swathe of virtues limited only by sky; the line of collection espouses the same authenticity and aroma of Himalayan water, flora & fauna. The color palette carried great vibrancy – the highlight of the show. The collection is spellbinding; one can carry them with a sense of inherited culture and confidence perfect for a festive occasion or a destination wedding. Intricate embroidery embellishments with tinges of gold and silver accents were inspired by the rich flora and fauna of Himalayan valleys with exquisite & rich shades of grass-grazed green, unclouded blue, fruity berry red and peach; explicitly favoring the festive platter of India. Plush silks peppered with gold thread work details and splash of sequins reflecting the purity of moist dews gives tradition an unconventional upgrade.

Himalayan Orchard Pure – a beverage, offers matchless fruity flavor with the minerals without any preservatives, the flavors are – peach, strawberry, apple. The endeavor effectively conveyed the vibrancy of Himalayan purity and biodiversity. It also offers natural Himalayan Orchard Pure mineral water.

NourishCo. Beverages have in a very short span of time garnered a significant response in the healthcare industry with its natural flavored water premium collection. The event was successful in fetching attention of the socialites and instantly became the buzzword. It is available in your nearest stores (Big Basket and Groffers), in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. 


Krina Gindra is that name who is a student, a popular blogger, PR in F&B and an influencer Marketer ( India's youngest Influencer marketer , 2017 ) who is inspiring today’s youth with her work. With a dream of creating an identity on her own, she has managed to make a place for herself in the field of management. While many students have been living their lives with a happy-go-lucky attitude, this girl is a multi-tasker who strikes a perfect balance between her studies and her work. That’s what makes her different from today’s youth.

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