Covid 19 is one out of many unprecedented events the world faced in 2020. The pace at which the world was moving forward reduced drastically this year.  Definitely, it had many grave things in the bucket for the human race, but Covid 19 tops the list. The dilemma in the whole world stood while fighting against this pandemic is unforgettable. It is definitely the period about which stories are going to pass on for generations. Social distancing and fear of this disease made people distant mentally. Everyone was under house arrest during the lockdown in their own houses. No work, no play, or no activity that can keep them strong and active. People lost lives, loved ones, finances, jobs, shelters, and whatnot. 

    People witnessed the next level of cruelty in the year 2020. A year where people were in a war against an invisible enemy. They fought this by sitting at their homes for months and it impacted everyone differently. No wonder if someone’s habits change completely. If someone becomes extrovert or changes to introvert or rude, arrogant or maybe someone starts living in solitude. It was the year where people started appreciating what they had and not expecting and hoping for what they want. But anyone thought about what loss can this pandemic cause overall? 

    This pandemic caused irreparable damage or damage that will take years to get back to normal. People started adjusting to the new normal with sanitizers in pockets and masks on face. But the consequence when this all is done will hit the world more than it is doing now. 

  Here’s how covid 19 and world- the aftermath look like, 

  • Unemployment 

Billions of people lost their jobs amidst the pandemic globally. Many families lost the breadwinners and the only source of their livelihood. Industries faced downsizing resulting in the termination of employees in the mid of this pandemic. Economic stability was kinda ruined in this covid 19 crisis. People suffered economically and were compelled to use ll what they had saved for years. Unlike big business houses, local and small businesses suffered the most. When people are suffering economically, it gives rise to a severe financial crisis.

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  • Financial crisis

When people lose their jobs, shut down their business, and live their lives on savings of past years, the financial crisis makes its way.  No source to make a living can cause severe social distress, hunger starvation being the first.  Financial crisis can also cause employee exploitation as the urge to earn the money can make anyone settle on any compensation. Lack of money can leave youth deprived of education as social awareness. People may suffer from starvation and this can lead to the next level of battle. Economically stable and well-developed countries are dragged into this financial crisis automatically due to the covid 19 crisis. 

  • Hunger-starvation

No money can make people starve from hunger in long run. The vicious cycle of the economy when gets affected, food and distribution get affected the most. Government aid can help for a few weeks but without adding in the aid, it cannot last long. No jobs, no money hence, no food for survival. If economic instability hits the world or some parts of the world, hunger starvation will definitely make its way sooner or later. Covid 19 situations if turned worse, there’s possibility hunger starvation can be seen worldwide. 

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  • Rise of crime

Robbery, murders, kidnapping, extortion, and many other crimes can increase when people are under economic instability and fighting hunger starvation. Any limits can get crossed to earn money or food for family and own self. Such crimes are seen increasing more in rural areas. Many past events conclude such possibilities and if economic instability continues, possibilities of such things increase. Covid 19 can make people suffer economically which leads to rising in crime. 

  • Social instability  

Apart from other unrests the world faces after this pandemic, social instability caused due to the new normal world has adjusted with is major discomfort. Social distancing, fear of sickness, isolation, etc. are some habits that can harm the mankind in long run. People may not feel affection and emotion against others.  Lack of empathy may become a lifestyle. Income class distribution can make society further divided into different parts. It will take long for thighs to get back to how it was before the pandemic.


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