Fixing a wedding budget could feel like a hurdle and is one of the most important decisions you will ever make while planning a wedding. From flower decor to romantic outdoor venues to indoor wedding halls to reception venues, there are steps at every point, to save some budget in the whole process of planning.

If you do find a wedding venue in Delhi NCR that is perfect for you but is out of your reach, consider these tips to bring the costs down. Well, we have enlisted a bunch of ideas to help you cut costs.

  1. To begin with, ceremony and reception locations can be huge wedding budget busters. So first, skip the idea of having an at-home wedding. It would require renting tents, tables, and chairs and that will cost you way more than an all-inclusive site.
  2. Second, consider hosting your ceremony and reception at the same venue. It’s easier than you think rather than to bear the cost of two separate venues.
  3. Ask the sales manager if there are discounts for booking during an off-peak season. Even though Saturday is the most popular day to tie the knot, consider hosting on a Friday or any week day. Wedding vendors often give deals on off-days. If you were thinking about choosing a Saturday night because that’s what you thought was traditional, think again. Know that a non-holiday Sunday ceremony will be just as gorgeous as one on Saturday, but can often save hundreds (if not thousands) of rupees when it comes to facility rental fees and food and beverage minimums.1. While you may be compromising on the most happening time of year and fun days, you’ll be saving a ton. Bonus point is that your guests will love an excuse to get away after the excitement summer vacations and long holidays have worn off.


  1. Although it’s conventional to invite every acquaintance you’ve ever spoken to, remember that each one guest will drive up your overall wedding budget, since venues or their caterers will charge a per person cost. Limiting guests is crucial to cutting wedding costs. Calculate an average cost per guest and then try to limit your guest list. Start with friends (including parents’ friends), that they should know both you and your fiancé. Co-workers should only be invited if you are friends outside of the office. And when it comes to “plus-ones,” have you met them? If you consider your fiancé’s significant other a friend, it could be important to invite them, married or not.


  1. You could take the help of professional venue booking services like the one WedMeGood provides where you get a dedicated venue expert at a nominal fee of 999 – this venue expert will give you venue suggestions in your budget, guide you through site visits, negotiate with the venue on your behalf to get you the best price possible that you cannot get otherwise.


The best part of these budget-saving tips is that they save you money without sacrificing a bit of style. You see, when it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about knowing your priorities and using your money wisely.



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