When we talk about World Tour and plan to explore the unexplored alongside exploring nature’s best sceneries, experiencing earth’s best locations, it’s Indonesia that tops the list for most. Known for its beaches and famous for its national park and diversified floral and fauna beauty, Indonesia surely deserves a part in everyone’s world tour list. Its beauty lies in its natural beauty, historic architecture and heritage work, its countless linguistic and ethnic groups, and incredible landscapes. But apart from its few famous destinations like Jakarta, Java, and Bali, have you ever wondered about the unexplored beauty of Indonesia? Not just a few spots, but Indonesia is very beautiful Inside Out. Mesmerizing undiscovered beaches, beautiful hidden islands, adventurous national parks, and a lot more. Let’s take a look and read about the hidden beauty of Indonesia. Let’s Discover Indonesia and explore the unexplored;

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat, source- Pinterest

1. Raja Ampat, an unexplored Paradise
Indonesia’s unexplored Paradise, Raja Ampat is not less than heaven for any nature lover or water sports lover, or diver. This Indonesian Paradise lies in the Coral triangle and covers around 40,000 square kilometers of marine territory. Well known for its most diversified marine habitat, Raja Ampat makes a good home for many rare species found nowhere else on the earth. One cannot explore Raja Ampat without experiencing its splendid Marine sports and deep-sea-adventure. Raja Ampat is not less than heaven for divers and is irresistible to them. With the development is beautiful resorts and hotels throughout, Raja Ampat can make your vacation a memorable one with its ‘close-to-nature’ touch.

temples of Yogyakarta
Temples of Yogyakarta,  source: Pinterest

2. Temples of Yogyakarta
Yogya Karta locally known as ‘Jogja‘ is known as Indonesia’s soul. Yogyakarta is well known for its historic architectural heritage preserved in the form of temples. Yogyakarta’s beauty and its magnificent temples can take you on a spiritual tour. These temples have recently been redeveloped and resurrected for people’s visits. People interested in history and architecture cannot miss having Yogyakarta on the wishlist. Yogyakarta’s Prambanan temple, Borobudur Temple, Mendut temple, Sambisari temple, and Plaosan Temple are some best examples of rich architectural and heritage monuments that add great spiritual value to your Indonesian trip. Don’t forget to experience the spiritual paradise during your visit to Indonesia.

Kai islands
kai Islands, source: pinterest

3. Islands of Kai
Kai islands are the forgotten Indonesian islands also known as ‘Hidden Gems’ of Indonesia or the ‘Next Bali’. This group of the island is part of South Eastern Maluku islands, usually known as ‘Spice Islands’ because of its Spicy rich production that includes nutmeg, mace, cloves, etc. The only airport at Laggoor that covers a major part of the island will make you feel like you have entered Dreamland as soon as you exit the airport. The beaches that have the perfect blue-colored water and coconut trees at the corner are located here. Its mesmerizing coastal scenery, the clean and clear Blue Water, its pristine beaches are the best examples of God’s beautiful creation. The charm of these islands will make you fall for its beauty more and more. Experience the heavenly beauty and find yourself lost somewhere in Kai island and its pristine beach beauty, physically and mentally.

Tanjung puting national park source: pinterest
Tanjung puting national park, source: pinterest

4. Tanjung puting National Park
Indonesia is well known for its rich biodiversity and its conservation through national parks. Home to many famous national parks, Indonesia along with its mesmerizing beach beauty, beautifully represents floral and fauna beauty too. Among many famous, Tanjung puting National Park is a bit lesser-known but important tourist destination in ‘exploring Indonesia’ list. Tanjung puting National Park is a popular destination located in Kalimantan and is home to several rare species especially Orangutans. You can see these Orangutans roaming free in the jungle just like shown in some movie or described in some jungle book. If you want to experience some real-time jungle fun and want to have an adventurous forest trip along with some orangutans throughout the trip, don’t forget Tanjung puting National Park during your visit to Indonesia.

peucang beach
peucang beach, source: pinterest

5. Secret bliss- Undiscovered beaches
Along with its rich biodiversity, famous National Park, world-famous beaches, and highly diversified floral and faunal beauty, Indonesia is blessed with some secret bliss that is not yet discovered completely. Known as the ‘paradise to discover’, the secret and hidden beaches make the perfect destination if you want to experience nature’s beauty in a bit less crowded place. Every beach is known for its unique specialty and makes a place in your ‘let’s visit’ list. Pulau peucang beach is the best option if you want to some silent beach. Similarly, Klayar beach located on the south coast of East Java forms lagoons flanked by coral walls and gives you a beautiful experience. Ngurtafur beach is Indonesia’s famous natural scenery beach that any nature lover must visit to experience the earth and its beauty closely. These beaches make a perfect place for rejuvenation and surely can win your heart through its mesmerizing beauty.

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