Domestic abuse, a crime that usually takes place behind closed doors and is never recorded nor complaint is just an encouragement for criminals to commit more crimes. The one who raises their voice against domestic abuse, domestic violence is considered abnormal and ducked. Sometimes, due to our negligence, such crimes keep happening daily in our neighborhood, with our knowns and people we share our lives daily with. 

     “Criminal justice: behind a closed door” is a noteworthy masterpiece streaming on Disney+hotstar that exposes domestic violence happening behind closed doors and how it is been neglected by people like us. How domestic abuse takes place and the ones who commit such crimes are no different but like us. In fact, sometimes are someone amongst us, maybe a very respected personality with no dirt on their character in front of society. Their abuse, their victim, their prey can be anyone. Maybe a family member, friend, office colleague, or anyone who owes something or some leverage. 

     Important question is, how are we as a society, as neighbors, as fellow office mates or family are vocal and aware about such things happening around us right under our nose. Sometimes, even if we are aware, we choose silence. Well, silence is not the key but the voice is. It is important to figure out the very start of this type of mindset and throw it out of the room. More important is to fight against instead of choosing silence. Because silence chosen once can encourage others to commit crimes ahead. 

      What we need to learn is how to make difference on a personal level. Here are some points, that everyone knows but needs like a personal reminder. 

  • Stop Objectifying 

Objectifying is one bad thing we as humans can’t let go of. Slut-shaming, body shaming, character assassination, calling out someone for personal sexual preferences, seeing humans as toys to meet their desire, etc. The time when objectifying humans, especially females will cease to happen, abuses occurring behind closed doors will end themselves. 

  • Break Silence

That one thing people fear is a fight. When the victim chooses silence, it declares acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that without having a fight, it is a loss. This encourages criminals to commit more crimes and get away with them. 

  • Quit tolerance 

Silence means tolerance. When you choose silence and tolerate, it shows how you accept yourself as nothing. It gives leverage to people who think of you as weak and them strong. 

  • Finish Ignorance

Ignorance as a victim or ignorance as a society, colleague, family, friends is something that needs to be ended first. We normalize abuse by saying “it’s okay, maybe you are overthinking, maybe it is not how you are thinking”, sometimes we even blame the victim that whatever happened was all victim’s fault. We fail to have our loved ones back when it came to something like these. We see ourselves ignoring until it becomes a headline or needs outrage let it be about anyone, ignorance is encouragement for abusers. 

  • Start Awareness

We need to spread awareness about good, bad, right, and wrong among people. Awareness of what is wrong and should not be tolerated is important. According to the series, Criminal Justice, Behind closed doors, the victim, herself doesn’t know that what she is going through is abuse. It is manipulative, it can happen to anyone from anyone. Important is awareness. To report whenever you can gather the strength to call out the abuse. 

    We come across such things every day. Many web series, documentaries, movies call out such crimes and motivate people to break the silence and raise their voice against these crimes. It is never late to start the fight, but to accept and tolerate is wrong. A recent case here judge ruled in the favor of a victim is a fine example of justice being served, n matter how much the time pass or who the person is.

    With reference to a lawsuit filed and won against a political influencer, MJ Akbar, Priya Ramani got a statement ruling in her favor yesterday. It is nothing but truth winning, that SC served the justice that Priya Ramani deserved all the while. The court judgment said:


“Women can’t be punished for raising instances of sexual abuse. The Constitution allows women to put forward their grievances before any forum and at any time. It cannot be ignored that, most times, sexual harassment is committed behind closed doors. Most women can’t speak up due to (fear of) stigma and an attack on their characters. Priya Ramani’s disclosure was in the interest of anti-sexual harassment at the workplace. (The court (also) takes (into) consideration (instances) of systematic abuse at the workplace.


Society must understand the impact of sexual abuse and harassment on its victims. Sexual abuse takes away dignity and self-confidence. Even a man of (high) social status (standing) can be a sexual harasser. Right of reputation (referring to MJ Akbar’s claim that Ms. Ramani’s allegations had tarnished his image) cannot be protected at the cost of the right to dignity.” 

Ref- Priya Ramani Vs M J akbar// CR- 

    This clearly states that more than sexual abuse is a crime to commit, to tolerate it in silence is worse than that. No matter what, it is important to address people and call out the abuser and save someone from falling prey in the future. Taking care of and resolving such problems begins with the individual. Let it be a male or female, no one deserves to undergo mental trauma because someone couldn’t control mental desires.

   It starts with you, by us, by taking steps ahead, by not tolerating, by raising a voice and calling out the abusers. The crime may happen behind closed doors as domestic abuse or for what we can say anywhere out of people’s sight, but it needs to be exposed and fought. 

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