This long break actually made each of us lazy. Procrastination is turned out as the new lifestyle. Whether it is work related activity or something related to household, this lockdown has exposed the most lazy side of us. But as we all knew, this was not a lifetime thing. These bad days are about to get finish and everything will get back to how it was. The normal life than will make us feel very dizzy and over stressed. So it is extremely important to keep our body especially brains active and avoid such pressures when things get normal. To stay mentally as well as physically healthy and active is very important. But it is possible at most to go out and workout or to get some fresh air and feel awake and active.
There is a good solution for such problems which can help in getting the focus and determination towards work back. Apart from that, solution can also help in avoiding procrastination and keeps the brain and body active.
These are some easy exercises that can help you stay physically fit and mentally active.

Squats or we can say, situps, are one of those exercise that doesn’t need much technicality. This is an easy exercise and helps in gearing up leg muscles. This exercise can help in burning extra calories and also to keep the muscles of legs fit. It is not easy to practice much number of Squats at once but regular practice can help in good workout on daily basis. Squats also help to stay active and helps maintains the blood circulation properly.
Push ups
Push ups are one of those that can be done anywhere. So this exercise don’t ask for gym. This is an easy workout exercise from home and an absolutely important one too. Pushups can help in stretching of muscles and can maintain the blood circulation properly. Starting with couple of pushups on daily basis, gradually the number of pushups you practice can increase. This also increases your strength and power. Apart from that this exercise is one of those that helps you stay fit and burn the extra calories out of your body.
Yoga is one of the best gifts by our culture and tradition. No other exercise can be as useful and as affecting than yoga. Yoga works according to nature and helps you stay fit naturally. Practicing yoga and few of its asanas daily can increase the immune system and help your body function properly. Eventually, mind stays at peace and you can also focus towards reaching the ultimate point in meditation. It is said that yoga should be practiced early morning with sunrise, however practicing it in any time of the day can be of great help.
Zumba is a type of dance form used as daily exercise by number of people. Practicing zumba for couple of mins or an hour can help your body increase the blood circulation. That good music and good steps can help your body and mind function more efficiently. This exercise burns calories and helps in staying fit and active. This exercise is done absolutely for fun and entertainment with any hard and fast rules.
Stretching exercises.
May be not every one is capable of doing push ups and squats for much time. Stretching exercise can be the best alternative for that. Stretching exercise especially for joints like hands, legs, knees, neck, back can actually prove very helpful. This can maintain the blood circulation of the body. Stretching exercise should be done with yoga for good and better results. Only the practice of stretching exercise with good dedication can help you keep your body physically and mentally fit.
These exercises help in maintaining the blood circulation, breathing process and other functions of the body along with the mental stability. Apart from these, one should also increase the focus and determination and help the brain function properly. Once the routine life starts, brains will be the most stressed and affected ones. To avoid such problems, reading books of preferred genres, word puzzles and specially the games that require high thinking capacity should be played. Just by keeping this things in mind the physical fitness and mental stability can be achieved.


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