Recently a 7 storey building was collapsed in Mahad town, district Raigad of Maharashtra. A tragic incident resulting in 16 deaths was really devastating tragedy. The building was not very old. So the construction work was blamed for the collapse. The material used for construction were said to be of below the level quality and hence, the collapse was a result of it.
The incident may not have taken place is Home inspection would have happened.
Home inspection means inspection of your place by experts. It is an activity generally performed to check the status of the house. It is done by team of experts and then a report is generated. The report states the condition of house, work required, etc.
However, home inspection is the most uncommon activity. People don’t understand the seriousness and requirement of this activity. Home inspection is one such activity, that should be performed after regular interval to avoid any problem in near future.
Home inspection is very important in today’s time period when construction has become a source of earning for some constructors. For money’s sake, constructors and builders compromise the quality of material used for construction. Hence, this result is early damage or collapse of the structure.
In this case, regular home inspection can help to understand the situation of the structure. Usually home inspection is an activity performed before purchasing, but doing it frequently may help you keep updated record of the place you stay.
Here are some points that shows, how is Home inspection a necessity,
Reveals problem.
Home inspection helps you understand the current situation of the place. Any problem related to the material used or damage in the structure can be known through home inspection. When every corner and every wall goes under inspection, a complete report is developed. The report states every problem, and it becomes easy to find solutions for the problem than. It is very important to put the place where you reside under home inspection, because this helps you know your house better.
You understand the condition.
When you conduct home inspection for the house you already live in. This helps you know the total life of the house. Condition here means the safe, non-harmful situation of your house. You understand the need of reconstruction or renovation if needed. You realise the actual condition of your house. This help in avoiding any problem in coming future. You may understand the actual status of the structure.
Helps in planning repairs and renovations.
When you already know what to repair it becomes easy to decide how to repair. Home inspection is the only way to know about this thing. So it is important to conduct home inspection to understand the areas of repairs and renovation. It becomes easy to identify the requirement of repairs and renovations.
Home inspection of your existing house makes several decisions easy and helps in planning the changes regarding your house too. Home Inspection clarifies number of doubts regarding the life of house and gives assurance about that. This things make it clear about the necessity of Home inspection for better experience.


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