Overthinking arises when we, as individuals, fail to maintain a well-balanced life. How to defeat overthinking? How to overcome a phase where all you can do is overthink, overthink the situation, create unusual scenarios in the head, and harm mental health and peace. Well, Overthinking needs to be treated. If not, it can lead to further mental disorders. Anxiety and panic attacks are some common consequences faced due to overthinking. It is important to acknowledge the mental situation and work towards making it right and light. Few changes in the right direction can help cut overthinking and unlock good mental health if done in an efficient way. 

     There are many myths accompanying overthinking. Some say, intellectuals are overthinkers and that is how they analyse, scrutinize, and work with verbal intelligence. However, for real, overthinking can cause serious harm. In fact, it can kill a person. Basically, it is nothing just creating scenarios in the head, that do not even exist and hurting self. Well, yes, if you are also prey to this, it is nothing new. 

     According to a survey study, Overthinking is an epidemic, and almost every adult is affected by it. Youth from 20 to 35, is the age group highly affected, seeing a downward slope in the ratio from 35 to 55, and above  55. To find a person not affected by overthinking and stable mental health is very rare. Mental health is real and keeping overthinking at bay is important to cut the curb of it. If you are also affected by this,

 here are 7 points that help you balance life, stabilize mental health and defeat overthinking, 


  • Cut negativity 

Negativity can make its way from anywhere. Things you are stressed about can cause overthinking and are generally the negative points that keep you upset. Basic and first point cut negativity. Maintain distance from the source. Be it your career, relationship, family, or anything that bothers your brain cell, distant yourself. Nothing can hurt your inner peace, till you let it enter your personal space.

Focus on things that you feel blessed about. Stop behaving like a victim. Cut toxicity and act positively. Start accepting, acceptance can help you with a way out. If by any chance, negative thoughts help you analyze, dedicate a time hour just for critical thinking. Cut negative processes and do it in a positive way. Admit the reality and accept consequences. 

  • Keep yourself busy

The least you can do to stay away from overthinking is to keep yourself busy. Distraction helps overcome overthinking. It helps you stay fit and stable mentally too. Mental problems are real. And to fix these problems, it is better to stay away and not think about them. Running away from acknowledging is different, but keeping a distance to keep yourself mentally stable is a peak point. Read books, binge-watch movies, series, work on your hobbies and passion, to sum up, work for yourself.

Work to keep your mind off overthinking. Work for your better mental health and well-being. Instead of setting your brain cells in destructive works, set them to work for betterment. Accept the situation, face it and make yourself busy to keep your brain away from the overthinking process. 

  • Distract from the triggers

Triggers are never specific. Anything can trigger a nervous breakdown. Anything can push you from the edge of thinking to overthink, which further leads to stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Distraction is important, may it through any means. Keep yourself busy, change your ways, make a new changed routine. Firstly, figure out what triggers you, what affects your mental health, what causes overthinking. Any point in the radar, inside the radius, is your trigger point.

For your stable mental health, it is better to keep yourself away from triggers. Cutting overthinking at the very beginning of the process prevents you from drowning in the ocean of negativity and keeps you away from negativity. 

  • Try to sleep

Rest and sleep works more effectively than medications. Tranquilizers and sleeping pills can help you sleep easily, but if you cut yourself from negativity and distract yourself from triggers, overthinking can be avoided. In some cases, overthinking leads to depression too. Hence, to avoid such consequences, doctors recommend medications. Unless severe, it is better to avoid such medications and heal your mental health in a natural and more effective way. Make a fixed routine. Wind up your work and snuggle down your bed. Sometimes, overthinking can keep you awake. It is better to change routine habits and adopt new ones for good mental health. 

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  • Involve yourself in things you love

Get yourself involved in things that you love. It boosts happy hormones, which scientifically helps you stay happy and normal. Overthinking makes its way especially when you are alone and are, a loner. Eat good food, meet your best friends, do things that keep you calm. Doing things that you love can make your heart light and happy. It is important to change habits and evolve, in order to find mental peace. Mental health stabilizes when worked in the right direction. Here, it happens when you cut overthinking. 

  • Change the surrounding 

If your reasons for anxiety, panic, stress, and overthinking are because of your surroundings and environment, change them. Period. You may not realize this until you properly focus and analyze the reasons for triggers. If it is because of the people or things around you, try cutting these trigger points loose. Change your circle, upgrade yourself, upgrade things around you. Make a note that nothing can enter your personal space and harm your peace or mental health. 

When you are firm on this decision, not even overthinking can harm you or your peace. Don’t let anything intrude on your personal space and play with your mind. Change, distraction, and distance from negativity are some easy points to avoid overthinking and mental health prosperity. 

  • Positive attitude

Your changed attitude can change everything. When you tell yourself, it is okay, you can handle it, it is life, you are halfway towards defeating overthinking. Great Mental health is unlocked through a positive attitude and treating life the right way. Identify your fears and work on them. Focus on things that you can change and are in your control. Live in the present, forget about the past. Don’t stress about things that are beyond your control. Move on from things that disturb your peace and are toxic. Make your mental health a priority. Face it with a positive attitude and kick overthinking out of the room. 

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Making a way out of overthinking is important. It is nothing but the beginning of a mental breakdown. In order to keep mental health stable, yourself fit, and happy, it is very crucial to cut on overthinking. Though it is not a one-day task and it takes time. These 7 points mentioned above can definitely help you figure out trigger points, toxic traits, and a way out. 


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