Hey guys So I am up with my first Travel blog. ❤ This blog is based on my travel experience also !

  1. Tourist attractions.

(Top 8 places) 

2.Food and shopping 

3.Do’s & don’t 


1 . Tourist attractions. 


 1.  Hyderabad ki shaan CHARMINAR. 

  • One of the best historical monument of  India. Built by  Sultan Qutub shah V during 1591 AD.It is the main center of the state.  Basically a tourist spot from where one can see the whole City of Hyderabad…visitors are allowed to go up inside the charminar by paying entry fees (rs15) and can enjoy the view.

P.S.- Visitors have to climb huge steps because still lifts have not yet been made. So there is  problem for elderly people.


 2. The Amazing Golkonda Fort 

  •  Golkonda Fort which has the history of Hyderabad was the capital of Sultan Qutub shah dynasty.  With amazing construction still stands strong till today set an example for architects and historians. It also have night light show worth watching. P. S – one of best place for photo shoot. 


    3. Chowmallah palace

    One of the best palace of Nizam! With a very beautiful interior and intricate architectural works.It also has the belonging of the nizam and his royal family still preserved.




    Once Falaknuma palace used to be a royal heritage of the Nawab but now it has been transformed into a 5 star luxurious Hotel. Infact it is a dream location to stay in for Royal experience. 

    Interior of FALAKNUMA PALACE
    P. S – This was the wedding destination of Salman khan’s Sister Arpita khan sharma


    Nehru zoological park

     5.The Nehru zoological Park. 

     This  is one of the best zoo i have ever been till now. It has really better animals, birds and insects than others a really good place for nature trail. 

    Nehru zoological park


    Buddha statue

    The Buddha statue is constructed in the middle of the Hussain Sagar lake. Ferry boats can take you to the statue. 

    Distance view of Lumbini Park

    6.Lumbini park and lazer show. 

    A beautiful garden for kids. The way to reach buddha statue via boats. 

    P. S- Try the musical Dj boat for fullest enjoyment. 

    Lazer show

    One of the best lazer show in India. Must watch it. With perfect work of water fountain, lights and sound it make those fountains realistic. 

    I strongly recommend. You will feel proud of your Nation. 


    Snow world !

    7. SNOW WORLD 

    Snow world is too much fun guys! Especially with your family. Must visit.


    Ramoji Film City

    8.Ramoji film city 

    Ek filmi ehsas !

    My favourite place as it its totally Flimy. With beautiful sets, gardens, stautues, shows, etc.. 

    Hawa Mahal – Ramoji film city

     Ramoji has really maintained the beauty of the gardens and sets. You can find the hawa mahal set used for shooting of song

    Dirty picture shoot spot
    Who doesn’t remember this scene in The Dirty Picture. The place used to shoot song  oo lalala oo. Many sets and location of various movies can be explored. 

    Bird park – Ramoji film city

    It was one of the best thing made in Ramoji was the birds and insect park. With world’s best species it has made up a miniature park. 

    P. S-It will require a whole day to explore Ramoji. Infact Best location for photoshoot.



    Hyderabad is know for its Biryani, pearls, Tea, Biscuits, silk, bangles (Chudi),etc……

    • India’s best place to purchase Pearl jewellery .With most beautiful designs one can purchase pearl jewellery from the one of the oldest & renowned jeweller Manglatrai jewellery

      Hyderabadi Chudi (bangles) are so famous that people from foreign countries visit Laad bazaar to shop.

      P. S –  The sellers bargain a lot! 

      Handmade idiols and toys are exhibited on the roads of Hyderabad with most creative works. 

      Phele biryaani…  Uske baad sherwani.. . Or phir Pareshani ! 

      BIRYANI ! Hyderabad ki pechan! 

      Hyderabadi biryani is really something that you shouldn’t be left to eat. With the perfect blend of the masalas and rice which is served with Raita & Gravy can make your day. Hotel Bawarchi serves best biryani in hyderabad. 

      P. S – The biryani house is also a good place to eat biryani. 

      Vegetarians can go at The Veg park, kamats &  sukh sagar

      One can say Daawat-e-jashan to all those street foodies. These street side food sellers have really great taste one must try south indian cuisine especially Dosas .  Comparing these vendors from  Mumbai the food here is quite cheap.Most south Indian food will be found at Secunderabad. 

       Paradise road, Road no. 3 banjara hills  will seem heaven to the street foodies. 

      Hyderabadi silk sarees is renowned in India. With very beautiful colors and designs one can find this silk sarees at ABIDS. 

      Ittar or atar oil based perfumes are famous in Hyderabad. One can find Ittar with 100’s of fragrance nr. LAAD BAZAAR & Moti chowk. 

      One of the best thing i spotted in hyderabad  was this Irish tea just near the charminar at Nimrah cafe& bakery.  The price of tea is approx 10-20Rs. I strongly recommend you guys to have this tea once and i promise you will forget other tea.. ! This Irish tea tastes best with its osmanian biscuits. 

      Hyderabadi biscuits is really world famous ! Especially of Karachi bakery that fruit & nuts one. You will find tremendous karachi bakery outlets all over Hyderabad. Karachi bakery also runs a cafe. Although karachi bakery has its mastery in this fruit biscuits, one must try the osmanian biscuits and the oat biscuits at Nimrah cafe (Chaarminar). 


       3. Do’s & don’t 

      • The people of Hyderabad are really helpful they wont misguide you if you ever lost directions. 
      • The  rickshawallas bargains a lot. 
      • Beware of the pocket pickers at and near Chaarminar. 
      • Ladies do not wear western outfits like jeans – tee while visiting Masjid.  Try wearing Indian or traditional or something that is decent. 
      • Specially for Vegetarians dont eat at mix restaurants i.e veg & non veg as these restaurants use the same utensils to cook veg & Non veg food. 
      • Dont ever try making fun of thier language or else you will end up into fights.  

      I hope that this blog helps you  ?

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      1. Seriosly nice description just in love with the place seriously bhot mast hai!!!!??

      2. Seriosly nice description just in love with the place seriously bhot mast hai!!!!?? Ur photos to re cool

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        Hyderabad is wonderful & most memorable place?

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        Amazing darling ! Ur hard work, beautiful photographs and,detailed description made it interesting too ! Enjoyed reading ?keep going bae

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        Amazing darling ! Ur hard work, beautiful photographs and,detailed description made it interesting too ! Enjoyed reading ?keep going bae

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        It was really great Krina!! Being a Hyderabadi, I feel really great that you have enjoyed your trip down here! I’m glad and the next time you will be visiting Hyderabad pls let me know so that I could guide u guys and we could all meet up and have fun!

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