MUMBAI is experiencing a boom in cafe and eateries during last few years. There’s one opening every week! While the customers are rejoicing with the choices, there’s a downside too! Every new food outlet/venture doesn’t understands the food business and its nuances. I have visited many new cafe’s during the last few months but I find it hard to recommend most of them because they fail in food quality and taste or poor service ! Swanky and glitzy interiors will attract me once but for me to visit again,  food cannot be just mediocre or average!

I have visited COFFEE CULTURE  few days ago soon after its inaugration. I was impressed with the taste & food quality. Even though its quite compact vis-a-vis other cafes in town, but then that’s not the best thing about COFFEE CULTURE  It impresses you where the bigger and more popular cafes fail!! The Food and of course shakes too !! 

Don’t just go on its Name it serves much more than coffee too ! 

So now Talking about AMBIENCE! This place looks Lavish and the ambience is inviting! A perfect mood lifter. Unlike typical cafe ! You don’t either feel cramped or suffocating at all and yet positive vibes flows in as soon as you walk in the door. Few fancy lights, quirky poster frames makes up for everything while the Tracks humming in the background calms you down like a Baby ?! 



F  O   O  D   ??   I S     BAE ? 

The soul of this outlet is Trapped in its food and the chef holds the key ?. Food is what made me write this Blog!     Jabra fan moment! 

You can’t name one favourite over at the menu. Starting starting from Nachos to Enchiladas… Everything was FAB ?

Ferrero Rocher freakshake!

Freakshakes are so trending these days ! I had tried Ferrero Rocher freakshake. The thickness n sweetness was at point ✅. 

Burnt Garlic rice ?

Just to get over the regular Chinese classics, these Chinese recreations have a perfect punch and mix of flavours

The Burnt garlic rice had a predominant flavour of garlic, with the mix of spices embedded in every single grain of rice, well this is extremely tasty .Surely going well with another authentic Chinese recipe. The Chinese Paneer chilly with a basic thick texture with tender Paneer pieces and chopped veggies is absolutely delicious.

Nachos with salsa sauce.

Nachos all time Favourite dish ?. 

Cheese cheese and cheese with salsa sauce was ? yummy !! 

Coffee caffeine

Coffee is the main reason I love to visit Cafe ! You will definitely fall in love aroma of this coffee and having it makes you feel energetic! 

Fries n sandwich

Fries and sandwiches !! Looked so fresh ! 


Favourite dish till now!! ❤ Enchiladas As I had tried it for the first time and I loved it ?

P. S   – This cafe also serves non acholic shots and mocktails ??


Conclusion – Everything served here as it’s own originality and it’s own soul and taste which leaves with you and tell the tales to your family about the Amazing food at COFFEE CULTURE. 


2nd floor, Phoniex Mall, Kurla, Mumbai. 

 Find coffee Culture at 

Soon coming up at Bandra!! 

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Culture temptation!

Burger ?

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