Movies will now take on a brand new dimension with INOX Leisure, India’s premier multiplex chain. Insignia, a signature experience designed for the genuine film connoisseurs

From excellent screening and sound systems to plush leather recliner seats with micro adjustable neck rests and gourmet food with a butler-on-call, Insignia is India’s first 7-star movie viewing experience

Patrons can enjoy the 7-stars of INOX Laserplex that merge Technology with Luxury. These are:


  • Laser brilliance: India’s first and only laser projection format with 300% enhanced picture quality makes this the country’s first even Laserplex
  • Dolby Atmos Sound: The only cinema in South Mumbai where one can experience the explosive cinema surround sound
  • Volfoni 3D screen: The Volfoni Smart Crystal Diamond solutions, with the brightest 3D screens, bring movies to life like never before


  • Plush Ergonomic Recliners: Micro-adjustable premium Italian leather sofas with a USB charging port, so that smartphones get recharged easily.
  • Exclusive menu by Vicky Ratnani: An array of plated gourmet food specially curated by Master Chef Vicky Ratnani tantalizes the taste buds of customers
  • Uniforms crafted by Arjun Khanna: The friendly and stylish staff provide impeccable service to guests in uniforms exclusively crafted by celebrity designer Arjun Khanna
  • Butler on call: A single tap of a button gets patrons personalized service. So whether its refreshments or a blanket, they just need to sit back and relax, while it is served at their seats

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