The hype over social media for Mirzapur 2.

Will it match the level set by its fans?

23rd October 2020 is marked as an important date in calendar of many among us. Some may think what is it about? Trends of social media changed immediately. All the eyes were set on OTT platform- Amazon Prime. Some may think what is the hype about? Why are people so much into this? Why teens and adults are equally involved in the situation? ‘Mirzapur season 2’ a single common answer to every question from anyone. 23rd October 2020 was the release date of Mirzapur season 2 streaming on Amazon Prime.
After a long wait of about two years finally Mirzapur season 2 was scheduled for its fans. Right from the teaser to final release, makers and marketers successfully diverted everyone’s attention towards them. Teasers, trailers and recaps from almost every cast character kept its fans engaged during the pre-release. Expectations have increased and fans are looking forward to have more thriller suspense story plot and entertainment.
It is usually said that second seasons are never upto the mark. Continued season’s may just carry forward the story but fail to match the expectation- no entertainment. Something similar took place with sacred games and four more shots. Sacred games is a Netflix original web series based on a novel book second Sacred games. Sacred games was loved by netizens and its viewers. The thrill and its crime based actions and cinematography left the fans amazed. People followed and watched the Season 1 thoroughly and enjoyed it. Immediately after a year season 2 was set to release. Social media and internet were all hyped during the release. People who were not interested during the first season got dragged into season 2 because of social media hype or peer pressure. But reviews were not up to mark. No viewers were actually satisfied from the outcome of the season. It was assumed that the level was decreased than the first season. Netizens were highly disappointed and the positive hype turned negative.
Four more shots, a women centric web series streaming on Amazon Prime seems to have same history for both of its Seasons. Netizens loved the first season and its story plot. They had their eyes on second season. But the second season disappointed them and failed to meet the Expectations. With no change in the plot and almost same story line, series failed to please its fans. This second season flopr plot of many first season superhit series makes netizens worried. So far people who watched mirzapur season 2 overnight reviewed it as a good watch. Since Amazon Prime video is a paid app not everyone have the access. People will try their best to finish watching it sooner so that they understand the trend.
The characters of Mirzapur rule their fans hearts completely. People are looking forward to get the same level of entertainment from season 2. Season 1 portrayed story that revolved around the don of Mirzapur ‘kaleen bhaiya’ and his ‘hungry for power’ son ‘Munna Bhaiya’. Fighting like rebel, a common man of Mirzapur, ‘Guddu bhaiya’ along with his brother ‘Bablu’ gets involved unexpectedly in kaleen bhaiya and Munna Bhaiya’s life. Guddu’s wife and brother get shot dead by Munna Bhaiya creating a blood bath in the last episode. Since the first season was about the action, second season is more about the reaction and revenge. With few new characters in the list, fans look forward to an unexpected twist that leaves the them surprise and satisfied at the same time. With no speculations and no spoilers Mirzapur fans actually want to live the thrills and chills that the plot may give.


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