“Self-love” is a treat we always fail to give our own selves. Based on what people say, what people think, and societal judgment, we mistreat ourselves and maintain distance from things that we love and can make us happy. The route that leads to happiness is attained by loving your own self. The ultimate key to happiness is self-love. 

The only time we talk about love is when talking about relationships or when falling for someone. Apparently, we talk about love only when it is about someone else. What we forget is the importance of loving oneself. We never pay attention to self-care, self-love, or making our own life beautiful. All that concerns us or diverts your attention is how to please someone we love, how to impress someone, or how to make a place in someone’s heart. We fool ourselves by letting others decide our happiness and worth. 

Ask yourself truthfully, or at least think, when was the last time you did something that drives you crazy? When was the last time you decided to spend time with your own self not because you are sad or alone but because you are happy? When was the last time you moved away from the thing that was toxic by realizing it on your own? Or when was the last time you spent a day with positive thoughts only? I guess none of us remember. Well, because we are so busy making others happy we forget that we as humans are all capable of making ourselves happy and content. 

We as humans lack self-esteem and that’s where the trouble begins. We live our life comparing it with others every time. Instead of living it happily with whatever we possess, we often shred tears for something that we don’t. Living around negativity makes our thoughts negative and reflects toxicity. We often forget that nothing is more important than self-love and inner peace.  

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Many of us fail to understand the importance of life and the beauty of self-love. Here are 5 points that can change your perspective and help you understand nothing is more beautiful than self-love 

  • Life is beautiful 

We live only once. And the journey of all these years concludes how our life was. Many people spend whole life living for others. The best example, parents. Their lives are never for themselves once they enter parenthood. They give up on their dreams to give a good life to their kids. 

In between the journey, what people forget is the beauty of life. Keeping aside personal happiness, people who spent their life for others never explore the beauty of life, the beauty of personal happiness, or the kind of pleasure that is solely based on personal choices. Life is precious, it is beautiful and is one time. 

Instead of living to please others, it’s time you consider living for yourself. Out of 24 hours, try sparring 3 hours excluding the time you sleep to something you always wanted to do but never tried. Explore new angles of life, be thankful for the opportunity. Try to make the best out of this. 

  • Distance from negativity 

Negativity enters the point when you start questioning yourself, you confront your gut, or when you are unhappy with things that you cannot change. Many times, things happen that make you feel helpless. Regardless of how mighty you really are, you can not do things right. It’s okay. Everyone passes through a phase where it is difficult to stay positive. 

But it is possible to stay away from negativity. Try being practical, try putting your interest above others, you will find a way. People say, people, poke and people interrupt, it’s you who has to figure out what’s toxic and make boundaries. If you don’t separate your way, it can get in your head and can do some long-term damage. 

  • You create your own world 

People who don’t like you or keep questioning you and your move don’t deserve a place in your world. It’s time you respect people who know your worth and value and not please everyone. Decide who you want, what you want, whether friends, partner, things in life, or big decisions. You are the one responsible for your happiness. Keep insecurities and insecure people out of your world. Don’t let anyone harm your inner peace. 

When you find something bothering you or interfering with your space and getting in your head, cut the strings. No one other than you can intrude on your personal space. People’s opinions should not matter. Your happiness may never depend on what people think about you or how they treat you. In the end, it’s your for yourself and that’s how it’s going to be. Learn to cut off people and move on. People that can’t respect you deserve no place in your world. 


  • Self-love is everything 

That one thing everyone should understand is the importance of self-love. People judge, people comment, people are meant to be that way. To keep oneself above others is important. It is very important to keep in mind that the more you let people affect you, the more it will. There is a fine difference between being selfish and loving self. Once you figure out that difference, life becomes easy. Empathy towards self is as important as empathy towards others. There is much to live than just living. 

There is a famous quote by Mae West: You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” By right here, it means, living for self and living fullest. Self-love above everything else. 


  • High self-esteem

Self-esteem is important. Understanding your mistake and accepting where you were wrong but still not giving up, instead of trying to fix t better than before. Accepting your flaws and being gratified of them happens when you are high with self-esteem. Others can affect you when you let them. When you make your mind and are clear about ethics, values, and moves in your life, no one comment can bother you. You are living this life to please yourself, to do things that your heart wants to do. No person except you can affect your self-esteem. 


Giving up is never a solution. If you read the whole piece, you surely will think twice before letting someone bother you. Self-love is important, living for oneself is important. Life is one time and giving up on life is never an opinion, instead of coming back as a new, strong and person with high self-esteem and a lot of love for self is. 


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