You can’t avoid feeling a void inside yourself following any vacay! Yes, this is what I’m undergoing. It’s very tough to describe this feeling yet I’ll go ahead with my attempt at it. I am super duper excited to share my experience with you guys and here’s presenting Nature Trails-Durshet Forest Lodge-Best Weekend Gateway near Mumbai.

Excitement for this much awaited trip was ceaseless. we reached our destination via road. On the way to the durshet Forest lodge, excitement conquered and we planned our entire itinerary in advance! Three hour ride wasn’t exhausting at all as we were busy admiring the beauty around us. On reaching the Durshet Forest lodge ,we rested for an hour or two and got ready for the activities.

The nature were gigantic and we felt like sinking in the tide of feelings. We played, had fun, experiencing the best part of our lives and goofed around the resort yet not satisfied. We straight away dived into the pool and were totally perplexed by the ambience which was perfect! A din of music and the most amazing view was all what we needed. This memory is always going to remain timeless in my life. Our manager already advised us about the food known for it’s yummy dishes. The food was decent, will I visit it again? Probably! I loved the variety.
Durshet Forest Lodge, cocooned amidst the Sahyadri mountains & situated on Khopoli-Pali road; includes an excellent 35 acre natural forest with diversity of plantation making it a paradise for nature lovers. Durshet is also home to Adventure activities like Rappelling, Zip-line, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Rock-climbing, Hiking etc. With 16 AC Cocoon rooms, 7 large & 4 small Cottage rooms, 5 large dormitories, a well-equipped conference hall, a full-fledged kitchen and dining hall, Durshet makes an ideal vacation stay. It is also an ideal stop-over point for Kundalika river rafting, an adrenaline boosting activity offered all year round at the Kolad Camp-site by Nature Trails.

Coming to the star of this Trip -River Rafting
Rafting is the most in demand adventurous water sports in India? Truly speaking, YES! River rafting in Durshet has won several hearts from all around the world. Admirers of this adventure activity include not only domestic travellers but also international travellers from European countries. It is true that today it has even captured the itinerary of leisure travellers, which can be categorized into students, families, and corporate travellers. Rafting in Durshet has further boosted Tourism with several other activities along with it. With the increasing number of adventurers participating in Durshet, the adventure tourism in Mumbai has set up a number of camps and forest camps for the convenience of tourists camping in Durshet. That sounds a perfect holiday.

Now the Best and the most important part of this resort was the food.

If you are planning to visit Durshet, you should allow your taste to influence your choice of location. Whether you love North Indian dishes or South Indian cuisine. The menu includes an array of vegetarian starters, soups, eight varieties of salads and chaats. For main course they have vegetarian gravies, biryanis, daal, steamed and flavoured rice. End your meal on a sweet note with delectable desserts. Durshet resort will offer you great culinary adventures and mouth watering dishes.

Not enough holidays? No problem. Kundalika is the perfect weekend solution. Whether you are visiting from Mumbai or Pune, it can be done on the weekend quite easily. It can easily be done in a day if you do not wish to stay overnight. Whitewater rafting is an experience that should definitely be on your wish list. But if you think you need to travel really far to try it, you couldn’t be more wrong! The river Kundalika in Maharashtra is perfect for fun filled adventure.I want to give you 5 best reasons for visiting Kundailika.The first best reason is The fantastic location where you can capture beautiful pictures.The second best reason is you can raft all year around, while other places in India have a specific season for rafting, Kundalika rafting is open all year around. The best time, of course, is the monsoon because the water levels are high. The third reason is they have opted pre cautionary measures like After the rafting experience, you can go swimming with your life jackets and float in the lazy river. Since life jackets are provided, even the non-swimmers can dare to float around.The fourth reason is Along with white water rafting, there’s Zip-Lining, Nature Trails, Kayaking, River Crossing, Swings and Swimming. That should keep your adrenaline pumping. Do factor in a rest day after the Kundalika trip since this will definitely tire you out!

The fifth and the best reason of all is you have near by destinations as well if you choose to stay overnight, you can explore the nearby area. There is Hanuman point which according to myths, Hanuman rested here while travelling to meet Bharath. Hanuman point offers panoramic views of the valley and is a must see. Jai Vilas Palace also known as the Raj Bari located on the hilltop is another historic site for architecture lovers. The interiors depict the life of tribal kings of the Munke family. There’s also a sunset point at Jawhar which has an amazing view of the hills.
If anyone is planning to go don’t forget to tag me!!
I would love to visit this place again!!



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