Power of social media- Viral trends of internet

Internet and social media are undoubtedly the strongest elements of today’s era. Internet has got it’s both pros and cons like social media. For people who are not much into technology considers social media and Internet as same. Internet keeps all the capacity to influence youth and change lives along with minds of its users. We come across number of incidents that turn into viral trends, daily. Social media gets flooded in no time with such emerging viral trends. Internet is absolutely capable of making something or someone world famous in just few hours whether negatively or positively.
Recently we came across a viral trend tbat positively influnced us. Baba Ka Dhaba, where netizens expressed their sympathy towards the old couple along with helping them in every possible manner. Some people reached their for fame but many showed up out of love. Along with be citizens, number of companies like zomato, paytm, etc and big media houses were spotted contributing their bit. From localities to celebrities, everyone emotionally participated in this viral incident.
Internet is usually known for negative or defaming viral trends. Current scenario of coronary pandemic and people under lock down, netizens experienced many online viral trends flooded over social media. Sometimes political or biased agendas divided netizens into different parties that stated different opinions. One such trend that netizens experienced recently was BOYCOTT BOLLYWOOD and STAND AGAINST NEPOTISM. These trend was by netizens seeking justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. SSR committed suicide which in turn took a controversial move and disclosed some facts about bollywood. This initiated a moment called SAY NO TO NEPOTISM and BOYCOTT BOLLYWOOD. Social media got flooded and media houses got involved in this equally.
Sometimes it becomes difficult to track the source of such viral trends and record how it all started. Recently there was ‘Binod’ trending. According to some sources, Binod trend was followed and carried out from YouTube comments to other social media platforms. Netizens, without knowing the reason about Binod trending on social media participated in this and kept it trending for many days. Similar incident took place a year back where JCB ki Khudai was trending. Source untraced, Social media got flooded with JCB pictures and it’s memes. Netizens actively participated and enjoyed the trend and kept it on top trending page for few days.
Another trend that was youtube generated, RASODE ME KAUN THA. Youtuber mixed clip of a daily soap which went off air a year back. The show was shown repeatedly during lockdown. A clip was mixed, edited and added some sound filter converting it into a rap. Netizens loved the clip and it became a trend with lakhs of shares. Memes contributed the rest of it and rasode me kaun tha became a big viral trend.
Some big time viral trends that changed people’s like generally started through Memes on social media. Priya Prakash Warrior, tollywood actress was a viral trending face few years back. Unknown to celebrity in just a night, this is how social media viral trend worked for her. Similar viral trends come forward while IPL season. During the coverage of match, camera person covers audience sitting in the stadium. Memers keenly pick out personalities and memes make them famous in just few hours. Such viral trends keep on changing every few days.
So far, positive trends are not seen on social media. Viral things that influence Netizens positively is hard to find. But Baba Ka Dhaba viral trend successfully shifted people’s attention from negative to positive. It made people realise the hardships many people face in their daily lives to earn bread for survival. Seeing it as a good start of new trend, many stories similar to Baba Ka Dhaba come forward. Media houses started giving importance to these local vendors and are promoted on different platforms online. Zomato, a food delivery app company started an initiative where they allows it’s users to register local eateries with them. These steps can conclude that few years down the line if people starts understanding good and bad, difference can be seen. Slowly but soon, love will conquer hate and all the negativity will be covered by positivity over social media. Because Internet and social media are strongest elements of today’s era.


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