The second wave of corona virus is expected to affect Indian states soon. The central government denies the option of lockdown but can change its decision according to the demand of the situation. The health ministry imposes several strict actions to stop the curb of covid 19 and leaving the final decisions on the state authorities. Spike was seen in the cases post-festive season. All the states of India have imposed strict precautionary measures to fight against the pandemic. RT-PCR reports stand mandatory for people traveling interstates. With restrictions on travel for a few states, some states are under sec 144 too. International flights are suspended till the end of next month. We all have faced a lot of things amidst the pandemic. Reaching to a  whole- India on top position situation – where it started from 0 cases. After the progress in technology and medical supplies, the recovery rate was seen moving upward progressively. Overall, there are 9 million recorded covid cases in India with 8.43 million recovered and 132 k. To combat this deadly invisible virus and make the world healthy again, every nation, every state is fighting a tough war. But being a citizen and human trapped in a war with an invisible enemy, it becomes our duty too to fight this virus. The least that we can do is to follow the covid 19 norms and save ourselves as well as our loved ones from falling prey to this virus. Vaccines are in their second and third trial phase, some of which are concluded as 95% effective too. If these vaccines are really effective against this virus, this could be the biggest help for the whole of humankind. To adjust to this new normal and fight a tough war coronavirus, here’s how you can be your own savior, warrior and can keep the virus at bay, and take precautions against second wave of corona virus, 

  1. Cover yourself. 

Use a mask or shield for your face wherever you go. The disease is not 100% claimed as airborne but the virus can live actively for quite a good period of time in the air. To avoid any harm to your health and to avoid being the carrier of this deadly virus, make sure you cover yourself with a mask. Cover your nose and mouth properly so that the virus can’t make its way to your body. 

  1. Sanitize regularly. 

Using sanitizers to kill the virus immediately after you come in contact with someone, is the least you can do to stop the virus from entering your body. Sanitizers do kill the virus when applied is a true claim. Making it a normal culture during the corona period, make it a habit. Use sanitizers or wash your hands before you bring them in the contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. Don’t let your hands become the career of this virus. 

  1. Avoid gatherings

Social distancing is a norm of covid 19 that should be followed. No one knows that he or she is infected with some deadly virus unless the reports come. But by then they are the carriers of this deadly virus. You never know who amongst you is actually the carrier. Avoid gatherings and maintain social distancing to keep yourself safe and healthy. 

  1. Keep yourself immune. 

Everyone knows by now that covid affects the one who’s immunity is not strong. Eat food rich in vitamin C and citrus for boosted immunity. When you are immune, your body develops the anti-biotics itself which fights the virus without affecting you much. To keep the virus away from you and fight it with strength, include food that boosts your immunity in your diet. Since there are no other vaccinations available, all you can do is to keep the virus at bay is keep yourself strong enough to combat it immediately. 

  1. Anti-biotics and warm water

Turmeric is the best natural anti-biotic. Drink warm water after adding a pinch of turmeric or milk after adding turmeric into it. It is believed and also a part of the culture of India, that ‘Haldi wala doodh’ is a cure to any and almost every sickness. This can keep you fit and give you the required strength to fight this virus. Turmeric and intake of warm water at a regular interval can keep your throat and nose active. 

  Apart from Mask, Sanitizers, and Social distancing, to keep yourself strong from inside is equally important. Some changes in your diet plan and some exercise can keep you fit and give you all the strength required to fight this virus. Just don’t forget, we are all in this together and shall overcome it soon.


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