Self Care tip- Ideas for natural Facepacks and Facemasks.
Usually we forget to focus on our health and avoid taking good care of ourselves in this busy and chaotic world. Apart from that, natural health care products are not even easy to find in the chemically created facial use products. It is actually difficult to spare some time for self care and use the in self pampering. Since each of us has got ample of time to spend in this lock down, let’s make the best use of it by avoiding chemically rich product and switching to natural and homemade face packs.
Here are some easy ways of creating homemade face packs with natural effects. This face packs helps skin to repair on its own and Glow more naturally.
Number of ways to make a facepack at home easily.
Aloevera is one such herbal plant that doesn’t ask modification before applying. Simply cutting down the leaves and applying the gel available inside the leaves on the skin help the skin to repair the damages naturally. Just rubbing the aloe vera gel on the skin and making circular motions with your palms can prove useful.

Multani Mitti
There are number of packs already available with ready to use multani mitti powder. Some stores also provide with absolutely Natural Multani mitti. This natural compound is the most beneficial element of fore skin. Regular use
of natural multaani Mitti masks can give can give best results.

Besan with Malai or rose water.
Besan or ‘chane ka atta’ which is mostly used for food purpose can also be used as face mask. Besan is known as best natural face mask for almost every skin tone. This can be made by mixing Malai or rosewater. This compound of Besan can make skin glow and fair easily.

Milk and honey.
Milk has always been the most beneficial for skin since birth. Even mother’s prefer milk to use for baby’s bath. Milk can return the moisture of skin and can make it glow naturally. Compound of milk and honey is said to be the most useful one. This can be used according to the tones of skin and the composition of compound may differ accordingly.

Sandalwood powder and rosewater.
Sandalwood powder or Chandan powder which is usually used for religious purpose and is procured from sandalwood sticks, proves to be one of the best ingredients for skin. There are number of soaps, face wash, etc available with Sandalwood compounds. But the natural powder is the best one to use. This Sandalwood powder can be used by making up with rose water and the making of face pack out of these can give natural glow and soft skin.

Pro tip– Rose water can be used with any compound except aloevera, where rose water can be used to apply on face either before or after application of Aloe Vera Gel. Rosewater in itself is also a helpful and useful option. Application of rose water only on skin can make skin soft and nurtures it in best way.

Since all of these compounds are natural and homemade they don’t have side effects. However, some skin are highly oily well some are extremely rough, so here the quantity of composition and application may change. The homemade natural face packs can also be used on a regular basis for better results.


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