One of the most underrated, ignored and unconsidered health issues in between us is related to mental health. We take care of our physical health but avoid mental problems. Mental health is always avoided and never considered as serious issue. But, this problems are way more serious than physical sickness. Mental problems can lead to number of disorders caused due to unstable of mind. Split personalities, bipolar disorders, depression etc are some serious disorders caused due to mental problems.
People have a tendency to neglect issues related to mental health. However, even when someone comes ahead and try to raise voice against mental problems faced by him or her, the voice is pushed back and ignored claiming it as nothing serious. Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, frustration, irritation, insomnia, over sleeping, crying, weird behavior changes are all symptoms of mental disorders.
Everyone in the world is facing some or the other issue. The least we can do to keep this world a place to live is to behave kindly with each one around us. Someone is financial debt, someone victim of body shaming or someone facing heart break, any reason can lead to depression or other mental disorders. This type of mental pain can attack victims brain badly and make person come across suicidal thoughts. Thoughts of giving up on life cross the mind and somehow suicidal tendency awakes in a person’s brain. Majority of the time a person is unable to fight this thoughts and ends up giving up on life. However winning over this sickness is possible. Some of them do overcome this sickness, with positivity. Positive attitude is the only thing required while fighting depression. Apart from this, proper medication should also be taken in order to fight depression completely.
On the other hand, it is also our responsibility to take care of people around us. To keep a check on well-being and behavior of our near and dear ones. Create a peaceful and positive environment around us. This can help people having mental problems feel safe, relived and relaxed. People who are facing mental problems or are traumatized may not openly talk about their pain. This people may feel hesitation in talking about their problems or somehow they feel no one would understand their problems, here it is our responsibility to take care of people around us. Make an environment where everyone feel safe, whether normal or someone in pain. People in surrounding always play very important role in affecting mental health. Create such an environment that person openly comes out of the negative shell created around.
Communication is the best option to cure medical sickness apart from medication. Talk about problems you face, talk about pain you feel, talk about things that make you feel uncomfortable. Your voice against your problems can help you fight depression and other mental problems in a best way. If the problem increases try to reach out counselors or doctors. Take proper medications. Before it starts affecting you badly, take care of this disease and try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Complete the sessions, courses and try to fight this problems positively.
However, if you realize about this problem during initial times, you can take care of it through yourself. Keep yourself surrounded by positive people, your friends, family, people whom you admire. Try to stay happy and keep your mind distracted. Stay away from the thing that triggers your sickness. Never avoid mental sickness and disorders related to this. This can affect badly if detected after getting severe. Take care of yourself and you’re your loved ones, during such times. This may not seem easy to recover from. But is not impossible to and can be healed by proper care and medications.


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