~No more compromise with flavors on your herbal tea.
I am ready to go all “Tea on the rocks” this summer. Well, I am not
kidding guys, TE-A-ME Ice Brews are awesomely nurtured with organic
product mix, herbs and everything that will make you feel great and
solid throughout the whole day. Having herbal tea does not mean that
you have to trade it off with the delight of your taste buds.
Peeps at @Te-A-Me Iced Brews have really come up with such an
extraordinary, innovative solution to your craving for fruity taste and
nourishment for your body and mind at the same time.
Te-A-Me Iced brews are the very recent addition to my tea classics.
Especially in these hot and humid summers, I have ditched my warm
herbal tea and I now prefer to drop some ice in a glass, jam it with Te-
A-Me Iced Brews and gulp it down sip by sip in my own solitude.
I am absolutely amazed by the simplicity and magnificence of these
iced brews, just take some water out of the refrigerator, dip a tea bag
of Te-A-Me and watch your drink getting ready in a matter of seconds.

The wide range they offer is absolutely love to pick your favorite drink
among them (although I am sure you won’t be able to keep your hands
off from all the flavors :p ).
Ice brews come with 5 delicious flavours, ● Lychee ● Peach ● Lemon ● Mint Green ● Wild Berry

Best part I am loving @teameteas is they have ● No added sugar, ● 100% Natural Ingredients, ● Gluten Free, ● No artificial colors.
Every sip will refresh and make you energetic.
Also they have  ● 10% discount available on ice brews range. ● Sample Pack of ‘all flavours’ is also available to try before you buy a specific flavour.

So why don’t you take a break from this summer and go on a date with
Te-A-Me Iced Brews !!

~Krina Gindra.
( The Kool Fame )


Krina Gindra is that name who is a student, a popular blogger, PR in F&B and an influencer Marketer ( India's youngest Influencer marketer , 2017 ) who is inspiring today’s youth with her work. With a dream of creating an identity on her own, she has managed to make a place for herself in the field of management. While many students have been living their lives with a happy-go-lucky attitude, this girl is a multi-tasker who strikes a perfect balance between her studies and her work. That’s what makes her different from today’s youth.

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