You probably would have heard the phrase: “Health is wealth” gazillion times in your everyday life, either from your grandparents, a fitness blogger, or from some motivational book. But the bottom line is are we really obliged to follow this deep into our day to day lives or let it just become a quote on our poster wall?

Being healthy can mean diverse things to various individuals and everybody has their own objectives for well being. Anyway, there’s a trace of validity in picking a more advantageous way of life propensities may mean less chaos in lifestyle and leading to an efficient, well-structured lifestyle and hence as a result better health condition over time.

In this quick paced life, where we are dependable in a hurry, we barely save any time for ourselves – to look after, pause and review our health condition, our eating habits, taking sufficient amount of rest, exercising routinely etc. While we aren’t uninformed of the way that all these frivolous things are what precisely administer our lives and help us remain fit and solid, at the same time we give the least consideration to our condition, until the point when we’ve come up short on time. We fall wiped out just to find, we’ve been lazy and unmindful about our medical problems, we definitely knew were preparing since quite a while.

“As good health begins with prevention and that all starts with the individual”, making this as the foundation stone, Suburban Diagnostics, headed by Dr. Sanjay Arora, an alumnus of Grant Medical College, Mumbai, a premier mind in field of Cytopathology, has launched a #UnburdenYourHealth initiative to reduce risk of diseases, by raising awareness about importance of periodic check-ups.

As in today’s sedentary lifestyle and stress developing due to that, coping mechanisms of various people could be very diverse and not of all of them are healthy.

Smoking, alcoholism, fast food, excess consumption of caffeinated beverages, sugary products, lack of proper exercise and sleep deprivation, may lead to stress, depression, and anxiety leading to a disoriented life and low self-esteem.

This all may direct us to cardiac issues, diabetes, blood pressure surges, thyroid, and high cholesterol levels, a few of the many physiological disorders, which might be developing underneath and if left unchecked may appear as a severe stage later in life.

So as a car gets serviced every regular period of time, to ensure that you stay on the road comfortably, it is our duty to protect ourselves in the same manner by keeping an eye on our health parameters.

Through this initiative, people at Suburban Diagnostics are dedicated to reverse the healthcare cycle, where patients can visit, to remain healthy and fit, not only for treatment. Make this your new year resolution and reach out to a whole new level of happiness, fitness and satisfaction.


Krina Gindra is that name who is a student, a popular blogger, PR in F&B and an influencer Marketer ( India's youngest Influencer marketer , 2017 ) who is inspiring today’s youth with her work. With a dream of creating an identity on her own, she has managed to make a place for herself in the field of management. While many students have been living their lives with a happy-go-lucky attitude, this girl is a multi-tasker who strikes a perfect balance between her studies and her work. That’s what makes her different from today’s youth.

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