Graduation is often seen as a milestone achieved by kids. Being graduated is acknowledged as a big deal and is also seen as a sign of being grown-ups and responsible. With an increase in awareness about education, many students are studying till graduation without thinking twice. Urban areas mark lakhs of graduates every year. And rural areas comparatively less,  the number is quite huge when talked in digits. 

       But the question is, What to do after Graduation? The concern is, this question should have been answered while or before finishing graduation. But our society focuses more on degree than sharpening skills, potentials, and working on fields interested. Neglecting these basic things creates much big and worst problem, that can affect the whole career. 

       Our education system is equally responsible for misguiding us. Our current education system focuses more on making kids present in class than realistic, practical, and logical. Every student in our country fights and struggles hard to learn science and mathematics, just to understand what sin, cos, and tan are. But let’s be real, we all know it is never applied nor applicable for the majority chunk of the student in real life. Similarly, many things remain till book and never reflect on life ever after studying. 

        Some say science is better, some commerce and some may prefer arts but every student struggling to get a job after graduation knows, the stream from which you graduate does not even matter when you stand in the market without a professional degree. 

       Students tend to choose major courses following herd mentality or peer pressure or parental pressure, but any such courses are not doing good for students so far. Very less amount of students succeed in what they choose in one take. For eg, Engineering, a well-worshipped profession and acknowledged as the best career option by parents. But, students who are in their second or third years of engineering, know the real value.

In MBA, lakhs of students apply after studying hard for months to crack the entrance. Somehow manages to get their names on the list, but only after completing one realizes that the degree is not worth the glory. In fact, after finally pursuing these degrees, students switch their fields of masters and study some skills that help them earn living. 

        But sometimes, few students have their goals preplanned from high schools and pursue their goals. Some prepare for competitive or professional exams, whereas some sit and wait for others to begin and then join in. The major problem with our education system is the lack of understanding and appreciation towards talent apart from academics. Parental pressure, peer pressure, societal pressure, and competition play their own role in shaping a kid’s future. 

       Parents expect the kid to shine in academics, whether it happens by mugging up or coupling, parents are usually concerned about the final mark sheets. This situation creates a different level of pressure in children’s minds and forces them to study and mug up instead of understanding. What are the study and education worth if not based on understanding the concept? Students graduate by studying right before exams till the final year to earn the degree with a question, what to do after graduation? Parental pressure makes them clear all exams but it fails them in the actual life exams. 

     A little bit more in detail, students pass the exams held in colleges and schools fearing parents, teachers, and society but fails when it comes to finding out a career. Because, the only thing a student is worried about till graduation is degree, results, and marks, forgetting the importance of skills required to build a good career. 


Well, recently there are noticeable changes in the city and people are really appreciating content creators and dealers of the finance market. You can any day switch from your normal routine to a life you desire. And, if you really want to do something great with your career, it’s never late to switch and begin with scratch. Just hard work and dedication can take you to beautiful destinations. 

 For real, if you are someone struggling with the same question and are on the way to build your own empire,

 here are few things that can help you figure out what to do after graduation,  

  • Banking,- If you are a commerce graduate or you are graduating from commerce, banking can be a go-to option for you. There is also a full-fledged course dedicated to bank and studies. However, according to recent changes, some institutes stopped coaching and training BBI.

Nevertheless, you can any time enter this field by cracking entrance exams. IBPS exams are solely dedicated to bank job positions and recruitment. With many advantages, it is easy to start and far to go with job opportunities. If you are good with accounts or finances and CA or CS is not in your league, choosing banking as a career opportunity is an optimized decision. There are many opportunities like Investment, management, wealth, finances, accounting, customer, sales, etc that can match your profile and requirements. It is never difficult, to begin with, Banking as a career. All you need is thorough research and dedication. 

  • Stock market- People say that the stock market is for people who are open to taking risks. Well yes, but that is only for investors and traders. If you want to make a career in it, there are many opportunities waiting for you. If you are good with speculation and judgment begin with consultancy and advisory. Being a broker is also a good profile. And working at a stock market broker firm is also a good option. All you need is a good relation with an understanding of finance.  

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  • Digital marketing- The career of a new era. There are many options under digital marketing that one can choose and shine like a star. From basic software to SEO, content, and ad management, there is nothing in Dig marketing like rocket science. Anyone stuck with problems related to a career but optimistic, dedicated, and hardworking can do well after choosing digital marketing as a full-time career.
  • Insurance- Insurance may sound like old school job application but is changed and worthy of choosing a career. Beginning as an agent, one can also expand one career alongside working regularly. 
  • Content creation- Content is the king and its time people know who the kingdom belongs to. Content creations and the box thinking can make you virl and digital influencer. All you need is a spark and dedication that can make the road for you.

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