The main motive behind an investment is profit and almost every investment gives profit. However the profit ratio may differ in each of investment along with the risk factor. Real estate is one such investment opportunity where higher profitability is expected along with the lowest risk assumed . Investments in real estate can never be loss making. Investments in real estate are easy to make and are said to be the most simplest one. Real estate investments are also said to be the most favourable one.
Here are the reasons why real estate investments are highly favourable,

Highly profitable.
Real estate investments are prosperous in faces recession very less. By investing in real estate you can make addition into your the net worth. Your Capital Asset increases. Investment in real estate is always profitable whether for long run and short run. Even if you invest for short period of time the capital gains will be profit oriented. If you think you’re ready for investment and are looking to make one, real estate should be the first one and best preference.
Risk factor.
The only investment with lowest risk is real estate. Once investment made in real estate there’s nothing to worry about. The rate of real estate keeps fluctuating but in a progressive manner. In rarely faces time when the industry undergoes depression on recession. Real estate is a kind of industry which provides highest security. one should not worry about loss once invested in real estate because this is one of those Industries that never goes down.
Independence in decision making.
Real estate investments are not interfered by laws and norms compared to another investment plan. Decision making process here is dynamic as one is not answerable to anyone. Buying, selling or letting out of the property is absolute in the hands of owner. Making and changing decisions regarding the investment are absolutely free for the owner. Unlike shares and bonds investment where your decisions are restricted here in real estate investment, it provides with total Independence and freedom and permits to take your own decisions without any other interference.
Covers inflation effect.
Investment in real estate can never be loss making unless there occurs some uncertain situation. Real estate nullifies inflation rate, as like when price goes up of real estate goes with inflation rate. Once you invest in real estate you need not worry about future returns. Real estate investment never turns into NPA (non performing assets) unless any uncertainty takes place. They always keep on increasing with the standard changes in rate. The price of property increases along with the rate of rise in inflation. While selling the property the amount already includes profit that already covers inflation effect as a whole. Liquidation of real estate gives more return than any other investment plan.
Fixed source of income.
Real estate investment can give fixed income if the property is used for rental use. Apart from the profitable return of scale, investment also provide with good fixed income throughout the time. This investments are therefore never loss making. Real estate is the only investment sector that can give you fixed and regular income unlike other investments for example shares and bonds. One of the most fascinating factor for investment in real estate investment is fixed source of income. Real estate and planning to earn through capital gains, earning through rent is also a good idea.

There are many other investments that give high profit but comparing real estate to any other investments, real estate is the most glorifying and prosperous industry. The cyclical curve reaches the prosperity and boom position mostly. These investments are always profitable and are considered to be the most favourable one. One should always consider real estate as investment plan any day for short term or long term.


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