Gone are the days, when we had to worry about manually adjusting all the chunks in soup, and took too much stress to find the perfect blend under a few minutes. I personally have found such ease and joy in making soup from Wonderchef’s soup maker. I bought it for myself and honestly, I am amazed by the simplicity and how easily I can make soup for myself and keep my tummy full, even when I don’t have much time.

It is a no brainer, just pour down all the ingredients of your delicious recipe, and trust me you would have bought yourself a ticket to a hassle-free cooking experience, which requires no stirring and you can give your undivided attention to the people you are cooking for. I can prepare myself a perfect bowl of soup while doing my daily chores like making presentations, planning and cleaning my house.

As it is fully automatic, so I didn’t have to indulge myself in every step of it, hence the food at the end of the process was untouched, healthy and free from any kind of germs. There is no need to strain the boiled fruits or vegetables separately. Its advanced technology smartly retains all the essential fibers in soup and also it comes with five different operating modes, namely :

Smooth – To keep your soup slurpy and easy to drink.
Chunky- If you fancy chewing little bits while drinking soup.
Compote – When you are craving a little dessert for your sweet tooth.
Juice – For after workout drinks and whenever you might want to squeeze out an orange.
Blend – If your soup is a little too chunky after cooking, select the blend function to gain your desired consistency.

It also has a Start/Stop Button, so that you can interrupt in between to add ingredients. I am seriously blown away by its elegant design and the smart control panel is a cherry on the cake. It gives me full control by its five extraordinary customized modes and by using the start/stop button I can simply start/stop the process. Its 1.6 Litre Stainless steel body of Jug and blades give you an authentic clear cut finishing and safety. Being power-efficient, it takes 140W of power to operate on 220-240 V smoothly, without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, taking all of the factors into account, I’d personally recommend that you go for it. It’ll match your expectations, that is for sure. If I may, I’ll add that in some things, It’s even better than you hoped for. Value for money.
Thanks for reading my review.
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Krina Gindra is that name who is a student, a popular blogger, PR in F&B and an influencer Marketer ( India's youngest Influencer marketer , 2017 ) who is inspiring today’s youth with her work. With a dream of creating an identity on her own, she has managed to make a place for herself in the field of management. While many students have been living their lives with a happy-go-lucky attitude, this girl is a multi-tasker who strikes a perfect balance between her studies and her work. That’s what makes her different from today’s youth.

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